Vivian + County Fair

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our little girl turned 2 last week. We are smitten with her sweet voice and love to hear her chatter!
She is busy and loves her brothers. She declares "where's the boys"? if they are not in her sight.

Her official party is this coming weekend & I did "whip" up a tiny 3 layer cake to celebrate her day!
{love this set of 3 petite cake pans!}

***The dress above was found in my grandmother's cedar chest. My mom didn't know the dress was ever saved, Grandma Irene never mentioned it. It was my Mother's dress and my dear Great Aunt Eva made it. Aunt Eva passed away when I was 7 or 8.  Sadly, she passed away at a fairly early age. I remember bits & pieces of the short time that I knew her.

She was the forerunner of "chalk art", her penmanship was incredible. She would sharpen her chalk and write bible verses & thoughts on a little chalkboard hanging on the side of her kitchen cupboard. She also was an avid flea marketer and had a booth to sell her vintage finds. I affectionately declared my style some years ago "Aunt Eva Style". 

 The County Fair was one of the two last hurrahs before school starts!......We went early as in hardly- no- one- there- early! Easier to take pictures and no lines for the rides. Much more pleasant during this time.....
The boys loved the vintage tractors, animals & exhibits. Of course, we liked the 1/2 off tickets to ride the rides ;)
 I had fun picking out fun things to photograph.......
Here's to a cotton candy summer ending.....we are truly blessed by our little family. Yes, it's hectic at times {to say the least :) } but, it's the little things that make our world go around.
{p.s. the candy comes in bags, not on cute paper cones, oh dear--}

Are you ready for fall, warm soup and stacks of firewood? It's coming.......

Country Living Fair 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

It's official! We are doing the Country Living Fair fair--it's our 4th year out of the 6 years held in O-{HI}-O! Making lists......

I woke up bright & early on Wednesday. Sure, I could've slept in, the littles were at a campfire/sleepover event! I wanted to head out and see what the day would bring instead. {I could sleep in another day!} I rang my mom to see if she wanted to go along.  {she thought something was amiss since she got an early call from me!}

What an amazing morning......I told Matt I need to wake up earlier, I'm missing a lot! {he laughed, he knows I like to sleep in to-the-very-last-minute!}
A favorite scene that I travel by often, it's on my way to both our parent's....I never tire of it!
We headed to new places and what a treat! A little church, the oldest in Indiana, complete with rifle holes. Early settler life in the Midwest! A self guided tour of history and only took a bit--worth stopping at these places.
Vintage Navajo rugs, they were pricey, but I'm sure worth that. I did find lots of fun things to add into our mix for the fair.
A favorite stop and love the shopkeeper. We exchanged encouraging words and was happy we stopped in,  almost didn't!
Shopkeeping display of forks-----

My favorite; vintage NCR cash registers as they are from Ohio, so they get my applause.
{they are so pretty--}

Corn & more corn! We are surrounded this year--because of the rotation of crops. {on all four sides of our house!}
Drying down for harvest-- Did you know the leaves were created like boats, the rainwater rolls down the center of the leaves down to the roots where it's needed the most?!
 {via Pinterest}
I have tried to check different things this summer and have found inspiration in the oddest places! What a treat!

Do I detect.....

Monday, August 13, 2012

 fall in the air? These past cool days........ cicadas chirping their tribute to summer's end & a spontaneous campfire are beckoning the next season. Oh, sure we have Indian summer ahead, brisk mornings and then the heat of day filled with combines peeling away the crops. {love harvest time}

 It was a busy weekend with some relaxing. We were late to church on Sunday and we were doing so good, don't know what happened at the tail end of the rush! {hmmmm}

I was glad we went, even though late, what an amazing uplifting way to start the week. We heard about belief, but do we trust as well? It's so easy for me to say I can do all this by myself, but if I hand over every little piddly thing to Him? It's amazing to see His hand in the big things + the wee things. Also, humble compassion was a perfect for my week ahead.
 My cup & plate are full {running over} at the moment. Taking deep breaths and tackling them one by one. I finished shooting an editorial piece last week, however need to retake some pics and then prep & write story to send off. I would love to post some tips I've learned. I'm no expert, but have some thoughts on this.

Also, a new lens is going to help me out a lot. I finally figured out what I need without breaking the bank!

I have a video to do of me, talking about thoughts of all things "home". The Creatively Made Home Ecourse is by the wildly talented Jeanne-- among others sharing advice & loads of creative ideas. {Along with tips, how-to's and of course videos of their homes!} Sign up here.

Sara Duckett, Jeanne Oliver, Kimberly Taylor, Tracey, Jennifer Rizzo are the main gals opening their homes to you!!

 This summer I went to Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's. My first time ever. Even thought they don't sell my favorite tents. I loved seeing some of the camping items. I'm not a camper, however a weekend here & there won't kill me. I do believe I prefer Bass Pro Shops over Cabela's. 

 I have this crazy dream to learn fly fishing . Yes, you heard me right & owning a horse. Matt told me promptly that I don't have the gumption nor the patience for taking care of a horse. He's right, but they are so pretty. I have ridden one once.....& it was, I'm sure of it, the shortest time anyone has been on a horse. :)
 This photography class I went to was so fun & relaxing. It was hosted by Jill & Belle and the location was at Barb's property waaaaaaay down by the river.  It was lovely indeed. Goodness, I have so much to learn! The class gave me a new interest in my camera again. The iphone has been my quick, go to camera as of late!

Enjoy your Monday--I have some more share with you!