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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Waking up on a Saturday to my husband's crepes. {I added the fresh raspberries in Nutella on top, that's my job!} Napkin idea found here via Jolly Goode Gal!

Somehow one Saturday I managed to bake fresh scones with raspberries of course! I can't believe I managed to do that?!
When the local grocery runs a special on these beauties I stock up and freeze to have on hand.

My boys breaking apart their "plastic bugs in ice". A favorite thing for them to do! I read about this in Amy's blog "Inspire Co." Thanks Amy, Luke has loved doing this for 2 or is it 3 years now!? Zach happily joined in on the fun, perfect for ages 2 & up! {Head to Dollar Tree and purchase plastic bugs, snakes, etc and freeze in containers. Give them hammers to break apart ice to get the bugs out. Perfect activity for summer!

The last 2 weekends our local school held their auctions at the high school and elementary school.
I picked up 2 boxes of beakers, funnels, graduated cylinders and petite bottles with stoppers.

The black thing with the face is my oddest purchase. The auction started on this vintage piece and I barely noticed it, all I could see from where I was standing was the cute face with numbers. I started bidding and won it at a mere $12.  It holds glass shapes and there is a slot on the side to shine a light through.

It is pretty neat o, as I love the industrial look and it's so heavy duty. Luke is curious about it too!

Glass shapes that go with the gadget I bought above. Pretty moths that Luke found, with help from his dad he is starting an insect collection. We often need to remind him that fly's are really not that unique of a specimen to mount!!!
Pretty jars from the science lab......
Antique funnel that was in one of the boxes I won........
Hydrangeas complete my display........
1 of 2 industrial chairs that Jill, my friend gave to me.......I didn't realize at the time they raised up to different levels! They are so comfortable too! Made in Toledo, Ohio to boot!
I grabbed a whole wheat flour tortilla yesterday and brushed it with oil and topped it with: arugula, goat cheese, tomatoes, assorted fresh herbs, salt & pepper--baked it for a good 18 minutes. Finished it off with fresh avocados. Yum! Easy peasy and was treat for a busy mom! Amen!

Vintage hardware! I was so brave, I bought it off these gruff looking scrappers at the school sale! They let me have it for a reasonable $ and I was a happy girl! The larger mechanism is for a swing door so it lets the door shut slowly. I think it would be swell in our someday house on a pantry door!  Once the paint is all off, it will look better & it is solid brass and quite old! Even the screws are cute! {I know, I know--but I'm a sucker for neat hardware!}

The chair again at our swivels too and our entire family loves that!

So, there you have it a few of the going-ons in our household.......I hope to finish up laundry room--almost there! I keep getting interrupted & sidetracked you gals know what I mean!

Below, our Vivian Miette is 10 months today. I would say birthday party inspiration is happening.......

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Post Haste!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Our new "Par Avion" Parcel Post Twine

By all means go sign up for the latest summer issue of Souvenir! Hurry, hurry!

 More vintage goodness uploaded in our Etsy shop under the category "Summer 2011" to celebrate our article "Par Avion Affair" in Heather Bullard's Souvenir Gazette!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The rain has stopped here in Ohio! Here's to picnics, summer canning, and crafting under the shade tree!!
{Oh, and don't forget the ice cream! Have you ordered this book yet?}