Guess Who Came in our Shop?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Amy Butler,
{designer extraordinaire}

Amy and her Mother stopped in the shop on Saturday.
Was very nice of them to come and see us in the
"middle of nowhere"!
She has a line of solids out that are beautiful,
a brilliant idea so that these coordinate with
her patterned fabrics. Her new line of fabrics is out as well.
She is debuting a bedding line
shortly in NYC. Also, has a line of gift wrap that is eco-friendly.

She will be signing her new children's book of sewing projects
at the Country Living Fair.

Best of all, Amy is so humble about her
talent. Her story of how she started out
is amazing.
She is willing to answer our silly questions
and is so nice. She is very busy and we're in awe of all
that she accomplishes.

Enjoy your week! May it be filled with inspiration and blessings!

New Goodies and Such

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today we finished resizing our web site pics!!!!
Now you can enlarge each picture
to see it in more detail. You can enlarge the picture
when you go to the detailed product description
The hand will appear on pic and just click and it will
pop up bigger! yaaay

*all the dresdens are restocked!!!!

We have been busy uploading new products and
new colors for some things.
We did take some of our products away...
some will return when back in stock and others
will pop back up when the weather cools and
we can ship our yummy chocolates!
We are now going over final orders for
Country Living Fair! We do have more things
we want to upload but will wait until after the fair
to keep some things a BIG surprise!

Lots of new colors in our petite fleurs and we've added
rayon trimming in our packages!
Linens, love these adds so much texture in a store
and home!
Air mail envelopes---so fun
Boxes--we do love packaging!

Click above and check out the new goodies
and some rearranging on our website!
tags in a bevy of colors! fun, fun!

Lots going on in our back room--finalizing all the details for our "theme" at the fair. We are indeed crossing off items on our list. Getting the web pics resized was a goal that feels so good
to have finished for the upcoming season.

We will be running a factory in our back room these next couple of weeks. There is lots of details to attend to for all of our products.
Can't wait to show you everything--but, hang tight need to have some surprises---right?

We Won!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We entered Katie Runnels {Constant Gatherer Blog} contest for her darling wreaths she makes. She co-founded ShopSCAD in Savannah and now lives in a little town in South Carolina. She has a studio and an etsy shop. We would be delighted to meet her in person. When she e-mailed us to tell us we won yesterday Darcy jumped up & down as she has never won anything. This pink birdie wreath will adorn our store studio wall. Tweet, tweet. Now, Kara can't figured out how to copy the picture of the wreath to our blog {go figure}! So we'll just make you link to her blog and check it out!

Thanks Katie for your darling wreath you created, you're a doll!


Seaside Confections Since 1885

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Seaside confections have been uploaded for a little bit, just never posted on our blog. These have been a hit in the store! Yummy salt water taffy that promises "sea air and sunshine sealed in every box"! These will sure to be a memory maker in our tent at Country Living Fair!

The Butter Mint Rolls are a prize winner too! Melt in your mouth old fashioned-lots-of-butter-y-mint and your hooked! Vintage style pics on rectangle shaped boxes are sure to please.
Dreaming of the ocean today in the Midwest! May the thought of these summer-y tastes take you back to the boardwalks!

Enjoy your weekend!

Ever Free...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

As the sun began to rise and a new day began... a last breath was taken and a new life began. Life ever free. Our dear employee Sara's mother departed this life this morning and took flight into eternity... the finality hits those left here to mourn their dear mother, so keep the family close in thought and prayer as they make arrangements for her final resting place. Feel free to express your thoughts and prayers to Sara and her family... as we all feel the need of encouragement during a time of loss.

Life is fleeting as we all very well know, we just seem to get caught up in the here and now and do lose focus on what really matters... take time to enjoy life, reconnect with a long lost friend, do something extra special for someone, and remember to tell those close to you that you LOVE
them, for we don't know when they too will be taken from us .

Wooden Ice Ceam Spoons and Lettres

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We wanted to show some things that are meaningful to us, the little thoughts that make our lives enriched. Picture above is vintage wooden ice cream spoons from Kara's Great Aunt Eva.

Aunt Eva passed away at age 65 when Kara was 10 or 11. She was a lovely Aunt who sharpened her chalk and wrote in beautiful writing, thoughts and scriptures on a petite chalkboard {a favorite memory}. Kara's Mother was able to pick out this box after her passing. Can you imagine taking the time to write where you ate your ice cream on a little wooden ice cream spoon? Look at the date on one of them 1941..... darling little mementos preserved. Kara's Mother intends on framing them. It's these little tokens that you take the time to do along the way that make life more lovely. How sweet is that!

Next, is something that Darcy & I hold dear and close to our hearts... hand written letters to us as shopkeepers. After our press in Country Living, we have had some amazing letters and stories to tell! The two letters on the right are from our customers, notice the lovely penmanship! We are truly blessed to receive heartfelt sentiments through the mail and not e-mail! These we keep on our inspiration board in the studio.
The letter on yellow paper has a wonderful story, this lady lived in Greenville in the 1950's and while waiting for their house to be finished they lived above our shop!!!!! She couldn't believe it when she saw the article and it said 620 S. Broadway. She hand wrote 2 pages to two gals she has never met, priceless. We have it on our list to write as she still has a friend in the retirement center close by. We would love to drive to Pennsylvania to meet her, maybe we will!

Ok, on another note we have all our new products edited and ready to be uploaded. We don't know where the hours go and it's hard to get things done when you are running a physical store too. We have a lot on our plate and we are slowly but surely getting things crossed off our list.