The Weekend Flea!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Off we go to flea, flea, flea---------I purchased the power breakfast sandwich at Panera that morning and had a yummy black cherry smoothie. Hope that made up for the bucket of fries I had later for lunch?? Ok, I did share with Jill!
Loving the packaging around this remnant piece. They were into the details back-in-the-day!
Some yardage of  vintage fabric I purchased that I will have my talented seamstress make into bags for me. Please note I do more for her than just make her chocolate brownies for sewing! I was laughing at my slipcover post and realized that people must think she is crazy!! 

What are the odds? I found a locket with the initials "M B" on it. How perfect for McKell's 13th birthday! I hope to finish making a necklace of some sort with  her birthday, August 22nd & along with Zach's baby book......before baby #3 arrives! Say a prayer for me!

 McKell's middle initial is "B" and what are the chances of finding something like that? I was even more tickled that I wasn't even looking for such a petite thing!
{p.s. we have no idea what we're having, this is new for us as we knew with the other two--surprise, suprise!}
I came across a huge, thick book from Sherwin-Williams, circa 1941 on painting your home from the inside out. Oh, the architecture it contained, loving this! I'm smitten by 1920's t0 1940's homes.  This book contains a wealth of pictures for me to digest, so happy I did indeed buy it. The price was friendly to boot!
Love, love steep roof lines.........
Exterior paint samples from the book---everything was intact and in superb condition!
Looky at the cute outdoor furniture & the paint schemes........
While we were cutting between a tent I spotted this. I have no idea what it was used for, but my plants seem happy in it. There is a larger opening in the center and stuck a yet to be planted 1 gallon peony in it. I plan on using this for a Clover & Bee project. 
{always take the less traveled path---never know what you'll spot!}

Enjoy your week!

My "Modest" Slipcover

Thursday, May 13, 2010

As you know I've been editing our farmhouse. The living room is now freshly painted and for a long time "all the legg-y" chairs & sofa were bothering me. The chairs were sportin' mini skirts and indecent dress. I finally had this chair slipcover with a floor length skirt. Now my furniture can stop blushing! Too many legs were showing & feel this has really made this room sing.

This slipcover really softens the room---& covers those legs!
Ottoman covered and loving it!

I have loved scallops ever since I spotted scalloped liners in baskets & tablecloths at this darling store on Rue de Bac in Paris in 2000. {The store is Le Rideau de Paris 32, Rue de Bac, 32 -Paris 7e} I still have the lovely paper bag, more like a piece of art, that a purchase was tucked into!

My talented seamstress* helped me, she did the ottoman and did most of the chair. Oh, I did help with some of it--but, mainly keeping us fed with iced chocolate brownies as it takes brain power to make these things!! Now just need to wash the chair slipcover to get our markings out and then put the velcro in to secure the slipcover in the back.
{Note* my talented seamstress is Jill of Sew a Fine Seam}

{darcy has been to two rounds of physical therapy--- she's going stir crazy, but rest will help her heal}

{Gardening Inspiration}

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've been outside weeding, trimming, planting & loving it! I'm heading out today to work on a garden project.........the grass paths need edged & more seeds planted.
Clover & Bee project
Dreaming of garden parties with these chairs & these lights---- with fun names like.........
"industrial light strings"
 "vintage light strings"........
& street fair light strings...........

{photos Restoration Hardware}

Now I just need to set the table and have a gathering!

Have a lovely day!