Gold Decal Bird Tutorial, Let's Put it On!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1} Here it is, this is how you will receive it.
Grab a credit card, ice scraper, wide putty knife
{nothing too sharp, girlies}

*Wash your surface before applying, make
sure it is free of dirt, etc.

2}Peel it off of the backing

3} affix how you want it
{it's weather proof, you can put on inside or outside, you decide!}
but, stop- make sure before you
press on glass, mirror, etc. you decide how you want the bird, check the branches and then press making sure you have no air bubbles.

4} Then take your scraper and rub firmly
and go back forth a few times.

5} Then peel the white paper s-l-o-w-l-y making sure
you peek as you go and checking to see if all of the image is releasing on surface. If not press section back on and rub again & then peel s-l-o-w-l-y again.
Voila, your bird is now perched, tweet, tweet.

Below is images on
glass and mirror. Washable.

{size 11.5"W x 10"H}

{8"W x 8.5"H}

Charms are uploaded click on this previous post to view on the blog or go to the peek page at McMaster & Storm.

Contest Over! Winner Olivia Coy!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

{Winner is Olivia Coy}
e-mail us with your info and we'll give you
the details on your prize!! Woohoo.
Thank you to everyone who participated.

Our contest is over! Winner will be announced later today. If you e-mailed us instead of posting you will be counted in!

The lady is Annie Oakley and her given name is Phoebe Ann Moses she was born in Darke County and her statue is visible from our storefront!! All your interesting facts were fun to read!

Comments are posted on this post to read click here.

Shopkeeping ---New things on display!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finally after so many requests "our bird"
is now available, in two sizes. You now can
adorn a favorite mirror or your front door!
We both have these on our doors at home, lots of fun!
Gold decal. Tutorial coming soon on
how to adhere this.
Chirp, chirp~
{will be uploaded soon!}

"Non & Oui" petite token.
Now offering the Non charm!
The "oui" charm would be darling on top
of a wedding cake, with ribbon strung through it.
Couples names could be engraved on back with the date!
{it's uploaded!}

Background picture from Martha Stewart's
Wedding Cakes book.
{it's uploaded!}

Ahhh, amour my dear friends.
This sweet petite token is
1" in diameter. Hole for hanging. Every charm bracelet needs this!
Darling on top of a wedding gift.
{it's uploaded!}

A sweetie!
{it's uploaded!}

Our Airedale button... we bought the rest
of this vintage stock out and will be
separating the oui charm from the Airedale
button on our e-commerce.

Setter dog petite token.
{it's uploaded!}

Ram's head petite token, for your paper projects,
tie on gifts and of course you favorite charm bracelet
{it's uploaded!}

Packaged up treat trays.
"peek inside"
New Displays
Full of ribbon, linens & fleurs

Crepe paper baskets and a medley
of products sit on a turquoise chest.

Strawberry picking, really fresh finds!
Lots of freezer jam & strawberry syrup
{ask darcy about the syrup!}
****Also, don't forget to celebrate the arrival of summer with our contest
on the previous post. Click here to enter!

A Contest!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

We just received our custom prototypes in the mail to celebrate our hometown hero. These are a sampling of a few souvenirs that represent her and her travels. Yes, she went to Paris & to England to meet the queen. Her story is amazing. Didn't we all do a book report on her?

Celebrate summer with us and enter this contest.......

Rules: {hey, girlies got to have a few!}

To win one of McMaster & Storm's souvenir bracelets chock full of her celebrated endeavors and world travels you must post:

1. who is she? {along with her given name}
2. one interesting fact about her.

We will draw names next Saturday June, 21st! Winner will be notified on the blog!
{Comments are coming in....this is fun, we'll post these when it's over so it keeps it a surprise.}

Have here for exciting things happening!

New Favorite Things are Here! --1st Series. {P.S. E-Commerce is faster now!}

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Sentiment gold foil words. A McMaster & Storm staple, use for
gift wrapping, cards & any creative notion.
Dearest, loving, beloved,
mother, grandmother & family available.
On Tuesday I will be regrouping the photos on the
web -instead of six different pictures there will be just one.
{still learning photography tricks!}


Made exclusive for us this petite basket is
embellished with a petite crepe paper prize ribbon!
The streamers quote a French sentiment.
Made by Heidi of birds of a FEATHER.

Petite double ruffle crepe paper from
birds of a FEATHER. In three shades, use
for a medley of projects. Frame a vintage postcard with this lovely product
and put ribbon through to hang & ta-da!

Our grande & petite storage baskets.
Perfect for stacking. Two sizes to get your organization
off to a pretty presentation. Hang tags on them to keep
contents labeled.

A cherry kit. 4 sweet cherries and a medley of petite ribbons plus a
banner sentiment makes for a special package. Use to create cards,
or to create and tuck into your own inspiring vignettes.

Italian alphabet brocade ribbon. Take your pick of an initial
& you're ready to go. {Red & white} You'll receive 12 1/4" of this ribbon.
Use to embellish cards, sew on clothing or storage baskets,
also tie on to your luggage. A favorite.

Loose weave Italian ribbon has a lovely texture; stiff yet very flexible.
Use for everything and we think a little girl's hair needs this ribbon.

Tight weave Italian cotton ribbon, our new favorite.
A stand out in gelato-hued colors this ribbon can be used in sewing projects,
crafting, and in gift wrapping.
Petite, petite scalloped bonbon cups.
Package of 30 cups-10 of each color.

Round scalloped treat trays comes in 3 assorted colors.
Packaged up in 30 trays-10 of each color.
Lemonade & Gold * Limeade & Gold * Fruit Punch & Gold

We'll be uploading more things by the end of this week. There is more ribbon
already uploaded on the website,I just don't have it posted here & will do so soon!
The petite fleur bouquets are all restocked for you!
Enjoy and thank you for all your support and enthusiasm
for our "petite department store"!

Sweet Summer Berries...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ooooohhh What a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day I've got a beautiful feeling.....

The parcal's keep coming and we keep gasping for breath, oh my, how do we get it all ready for presentation {the peeking stage} and stay sane at the same time? Welllll.......hummmm...
very good question. Sure is a good thing we really love our work, because otherwise I do believe our husbands would have us locked in padded rooms ! As been said, life is way to short to fret about the small stuff. {this, though is not small stuff... really serious business!}. Life is the berries, when we look on the bright side!
Sweet summer breezes bring in the sultry air that scream, muggy is the season. Summer fun has now begun. We have BIG ideas for all upcoming events...... which sometimes ideas and reality clash, but oh well, what fun would life be without big dreams. That's how business transpires, maybe a third of what we dream actually happens immediate, the other portion is all in the Lords perfect timing... Only HE knows what we can do and handle at one time. {Stayed on Thee, is where we need to be at all times}
Do continue to watch and PEEK as we will be uploading more new summer yummies as they are transformed in the "backroom". If by chance you get the opportunity, do stop by and see us, you never know what's in store @ McMaster & Storm.... we may have treats you never dreamed of finding in our "Petite Department Store"

Swimming placidly?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hopefully tomorrow is sunny so Kara can start taking pictures as fun arrives daily. Can't wait to get the new arrivals and restocked items uploaded by the end of this week! Also, the techie guy is testing our site on a new server and {yes, tech guy, by this Friday puleeeeease!} faster service coming soon!