Fall open house pics & you thought we disappeared!

Friday, September 21, 2007

We had a week that was a flurry of pricing, detail work, moving things around, cleaning, late nights and early*early mornings! This morning as I was driving Luke to my Mother's house, there is a small stretch of the road that is very pretty. Woods on both sides, it curves slightly, the leaves are changing, well it's peaceful. (these are rural country roads, y
ou might pass a car and likely you won't) When I reached the bend in the road a thought popped into my head, we sometimes are driving along and things are going fine until we come to a bend in the road, and "things" seem to unravel. Lately "things" have been challenging, and I have questioned if the benefits outweigh the costs.
BUT, WHAT IF WE GIVE UP BEFORE THE BEND AND IF WE WOULD JUST KEEP GOING, EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE & STRAIGHTEN OUT! We are so capable of thinking of the here & now and if we would look ahead there is a lot of tremendous excitings things happening AFTER THE BEND IN ROAD!
Looking up & looking out: we'll keep you posted on the exciting things that will be coming to fruition "after our bend in the road"! Happy Fall, it's officially here today.

also a little song was sung to me this morning by Darcy's children
"Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Kara
Happy Birthday to you
(yes, they did say the last three words!)
I'm 3 decades + 3 years old today!

Bonjour from France!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cathy & her boys
Yesterday morning I received a great e-mail, after 13 years I tried to contact my French pen pal, (see July 2nd post) I sent a letter 2 months ago. I was doubtful it would find her, to my surprise I heard from her again. She has two beautiful boys. my mother found her letters in the attic, I thought they had been thrown away.
People are priceless! I'm so glad we can stay in touch via e-mail!