A "peek" of what's to come!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Since our web launch just a few weeks ago we have decided we need a faster server. Our techie guy is on the same page as this was actually going through his mind as well. This will make everything run smoothly! Yaay!

On another note by the end of next week we'll have new goodies to upload! We have ribbons from Italy that will knock your socks off. We'll be using this ribbon to tie up our confiserie treats and of course sell by the yard. Watch for darling petite candy cups in lovely shades to hold our peppermint ice creams or chocolate toffee caramels. Our storage ____________ will be lovely gifts for you, {to get organized}, or to actually use to put a gift inside. We'll have some beautiful scalloped ___________. Oh, and did we mention we'll be restocking some of our current items as well. We hope you peek the end of next week to see our newest arrivals at McMaster & Storm!

We hope for sunny, sunny days to take pictures and get everything ready for you.


Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Order our oui charm and dog button
and we'll add a yard of our vintage ribbon from France
*offer ends next Friday, May 30th*

Saturday morning and I thought I would get a post in before you start grilling. Darcy has been at the shop the last two days and can't wait to see what she has done. She is like a merchandising crew except she is just one person. {She's amazing}

This past Tuesday I screamed when I saw my paper work pile. {ok, not really, but, I did panic} I wish we could just be creative instead of thinking of all the "duties" that go with shopkeeping. Since I had two days off I'm ready to get back into bringing ideas to fruition. I'll be ordering and ordering today. Can't wait to show you our finds.

Next week: a sneak peek}

Enjoy you long holiday weekend!

Taking a week off!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Springfield Flea Market


After a flurry of very busy last 3 weeks we are taking a week off from blogging. Sara cleaned the front of the store since things were moved out for the flea market {thank you, Sara}. The store is fresh and clean. Darcy & I will work out front this week getting things in place from the weekend. We need to ship things out tomorrow and focus on what's to come. We were able to brainstorm in our tent space this past Friday & Saturday on upcoming events and projects for the store. Also, we need to catch up at home with our cleaning and some outside work.

Kara's husband tying knots for some fun customers ----{the true art of flea marketing...getting it all home!}
"Little Darcy" as Kara's little boy calls her!

Thank you for "taking a peek"!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thank you for all of your orders from all over. We still have a few goodies to add to our checkout pages {hey, tech guy are you reading this...we can't wait to see those extra details on there!}

All of your orders that were placed on Friday before 4:00 pm went out that day. Orders after 4:00pm and those placed on Saturday went out this morning.

Orders placed on Sunday & today will go out in the next two days, hope this helps. Please e-mail us-- mcmasterandstorm@embarqmail.com with any other questions, so far we've been able to keep up with your inquiries.

Ok, are we crazy?........Darcy left for Kansas last Friday evening, my mother went to visit her mother for two weeks AND this coming weekend we are doing the big Springfield Flea Market Extravaganza. John Jenkins called us about 2 weeks ago as the junking gals, Sue & Ki are going to be there and wanted us to set up. I said "yes" and I think I'm nuts. Darcy will return this Wednesday or Thursday and I need to be ready to leave Friday morning early to set up. Plus this week I\we need to order some more lovely things for our website and work on packaging as we need to get new labels done for our e-commerce shipments.
Mary Poppins is leaving on vacation as well! Yes, we're crazy, it has been confirmed!

Refresh your page!

Friday, May 9, 2008

To get to our "working site" refresh your page if it still says shop coming soon!

We just learned this.

From the tech guy!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

{Petite, sweet rewards on its way!}
{All wrapped up and ready for peeking!}
{Once again our "petite department store" branding}
{What's to come: lots of petite treats}
{Our day before: with the kids, oh my! Bubble wrapped!}

Let us describe our petiteness...............
We are a "petite department store" our brand identity has been placed. When we opened shop 3 years ago our intentions were never to be big, just big in the "petite details"! Come tomorrow you will see "petite" written all over McMaster & Storm. When people mention bigger our eyes cross {instant migraine}. We will continue to grow with e-commerce and other petite concepts. Even though we are not getting bigger we are launching our "petite website" to fans all over! It's all about our details customers have come to love. We have always been one on one, the flair for wrapping, a lost art in retailing--- only in a petite manner. We love getting to know our customers.

Peek tomorrow,

Part One: Trophy Co.

Monday, May 5, 2008

{our inspiration vintage prize ribbons}

3 years ago Trophy Co. {prized embellishments} got its start in the back room of our shop after it opened. We always loved prize ribbons-vintage ones & that is how it started in producing these ribbons. We will eventually offer these on our website. We showed them last fall at the Country Living fair and had a huge response. Bethany Lowe purchased one along with one of our mirrors {which be discussed soon} and we new we were on too something. We use a few techniques from sewing, gluing, stapling, etc. to bring about our creations. They're one-of-a-kind some petite, some grande. We embellish with paper new & vintage and crepe paper {a favorite} along with old and new ribbons for streamers and ruffling. To top it off we use a vintage machine to add sentiments in gold down the ribbon. We had even started a blog about Trophy Co. last year to record it alas, it only has one entry, but nonetheless these have been a "prize" for us! On another note these started our venture with Country Living magazine! One of these ribbons adorn the inspiration board of a darling CL editor.

*Now, other news my Mother promptly gave me {Darcy was in presence as well} lecture yesterday afternoon....."when are you going to launch the website, you gals keep going on and on about this drawn out saga of how you're working on it blah, blah, blah". {My Mother has no idea of the technical abilities this e-commerce process takes} She is so supportive just impatient with this whole thing taking so long. We are getting that way as well. I mean Darcy's husband calls her Mrs. Now! Well, gals {guys too, your wives need gifts!} it's about to happen we are launching this Friday at 10:00 am {we need to have the caffeine in us and working}! Now we're setting into panic mode and breaking out in hives....we can do this whole launch thing. Hang tight.....here we go.

Remember we said Friday, May 9th at 10:00 am & no peeking!
Kara & Darcy

{our prize ribbons, hang on a mirror or print}
{luxurious satin prize ribbon}

{Annie Oakley, our hometown inspiration}

Three Part Series Coming Soon!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lots of action around here.....more details to follow!