Global Warming?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I see no signs of global warming this winter-
we're ready to be warm! "They" say we have not had this much snow in N. America since 1966!
Some pictures to help us remember warmer weather does come......
Spring is indeed making it's way into McMaster & Storm!

Monday morning coffee

Monday, February 25, 2008

Kara loves coffee, but early morning coffee in her cup requires creamer. Darcy can have hers black with a little bit of sugar. Kara is out of creamer this cold Monday morning, ---sigh. Some random pictures to warm us up!

Saltwater Sandal Sale @ McMaster & Storm

Thursday, February 21, 2008

They're here and our pre-season sale officially starts today! These classic Saltwater sandals have a following, they were introduced 60 years ago. Yes! your cutie pies can wear these in the water hence the name. Easy to wash up from jumping in mud puddles. They are built to last so hand em' down from child to child!

Colors in classic style {top picture}
pink, champagne, tan, navy, red &
dark brown not shown

Surfer style {lower photo} available in dark brown & navy.

Ok, here's the scoop on the sale-
Buy one get one half off!
{equal or lesser value}
Child sizes
4-8 $29.00
9-3 $33.00

Adult sizes available for special order, not included in sale.

Call the store 937.548.2100 for ordering information. Hurry! Sales starts Feb 21 & ends March 8th!

Valentine's Day Party

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thank you Jill & Jessica for the lovely Valentine's party...........

The fun touches of "McMaster &
Storm" were everywhere. Jill made everything in her home special for us. We also spied crown place card holders from Abby's store, The Blissful. Kara & Darcy went home with a sugar high thanks to Jessica who made cookies and to Jill for the other sweet treats. (Ok, they did serve healthy things as well, we did eat a spinach salad) Kara confessed to Darcy on the way home that she dug into Luke's treat bag and gobbled down 2 of the fun dip sticks......took Kara back down memory lane to Gilland's pool in Verona, Ohio where she would buy these. A warm memory on a brrrr, cold day. AND then, yes Jessica, Kara ate the Clark bar, from Jessica's son Clark, when she got home. She's such a good mom preventing her son Luke from eating all that sugar. We throughly enjoyed our "girls out sweet treat lunchy, lunch" with all of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you all.

Bedskirts and other plights

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Now that everyone knows we don't sew bed skirts all day---- no, Carla Denlinger from CA you'll need to ask someone else!
What is going on around here?
First off some pics of our wrapping, products & pictures of our
window from last June during the Country Living shoot.
We have a fascination
with crepe paper!
(Kara is tired of the weather so we posted pics from warmer times.) Ohioans must make their own sunshine from time to time.

Our website is coming along, Nick is doing a great job. Products will be ready to go March 1st. We are working on our new color scheme for wrapping, labels, cards and as always sticking to our brand image.
Wrapping is key in our business for those of you who have received packages you know we are serious about this. Ask Jeff King--Darcy did a number with that gift for Jeff's wife. (Hey, Darcy we need to download that pic AND all your pics for this blog, people are mi-sssing out!)

Shipments are on their way from all over to the "middle of nowhere"! We will have the store transformed in no time, with spring-y things & of course a few surprises to add to your experience here.

Saltwater sandal sale update soon........yes, girls they're coming in some new colors and styles for you little cutie pies. Sale will start soon, very soon so watch here for updates.

Now, thanks to everyone who has called, e-mailed, came in to the store & posted this means a whole lot to Darcy & Kara. Kara received an e-mail from a customer she had in California, (Paris Flea Market) what a surprise and a delight to reconnect. To all of you "women entrepreneurs" out there and those who dream of this, we wish you all the best. It is possible to own a store and still raise a family, cook, fluff the house and above all serve Jesus Christ. We love you all & to each of you, now is the time to go after your dreams. God gives us talents & we need to use them not only for ourselves but for others as well. Keep in touch. xoxoxox K&D

More newsy news from "nowhere"

Saturday, February 9, 2008

L to R Kara & Darcy taking a chocolate break in ABC Carpet & home

A favorite vignette

Thank you, Ryan for taking us on a "highlights" of NYC tour!
So glad we got to meet your wife Betsy, she is a doll.
Thanks again for the fun dinner....

old "department store" display cabinets

Darcy with her thick European sipping chocolate,
the desserts--- well we almost moved in!
Hey, everything you need is @ ABC Carpet & Home
including the $35,000 mattress on the 5th floor!

Ribbons & more ribbons

Fashion week in the park

Love, Kara & Darcy from NYC

Monday, February 4, 2008

We're here having a ball here in the city! The last two days have been so exciting as we have found wonderful new things for the shop. AND we made it to ABC Carpet & Home, well worth our time (& taxi fare)!

Have you seen Country Living, March issue2008? Well-- we are in there--- amazing & humbling. We were walking down the street here in NYC and a Borders comes into view, "should we stop & see if it's there?". So we did and after rearranging their magazine racks we found it, and on page 44 there is the title McMaster & Storm.
(yah, yah, Ryan you were right)

To all of you who support and love our store, a hearty Midwest thank you. Now pass the mashed potatoes around (please). Come see us anytim

Our home page is up with shopping coming
(to ship to those who live away "from nowhere")