Reflecting on Christmas.......

Sunday, December 26, 2010

 Pom Poms & bells swinging from the chandelier.......
A pretty page opened...... {from Matthew Mead's magazine}
 A "natural" gift topper..........

 Outside decorations tucked into a grey garden pot............

A Merry Christmas 2010........For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given

kara & darcy too........

Vivian {4 months}

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sweetie Pie Sweet- of- You.......

Saturday, December 11, 2010

 Thank you Heather Bullard {our "Handy Box"}, Ez from Nice Package & Fiona from Cafe Cartolina for the sweet mention of our merchandise.........thank you kindly!

{New things will be popping onto our Etsy shop very soon} & yes, we are still plugging away on our new website for McMaster & Storm. {need to write some things up and I feel like I'm writing a term paper.....can I say "procrastination"?}

Darcy & I have made some new "ruler cards" for both shops----to wind your ribbon on!
& we picked up some more custom things we had done for us! Yippee!

{Some new vintage supplies coming soon!}

Here is our shop announcement of our "going-ons" this past Wednesday!
Verbage from our  Etsy shop........Swan and Shears

Yesterday, Dec. 9th, Darcy & I headed out after packing shipments, without our kidlets! Running some errands--like picking up goodies from our printer {he uses an old Heidelburg press, swoon!}. Stopping to eat Chinese, you know the kind of place that's "a- hole- in- the- wall", dated inside, but squeaky clean and oh, so good. {We shared General's Chicken if you must know!} We stopped in at an antique place and when we asked "how much" his reply was always "$10,000 dollars"! Then to a real "back in the day" variety store! {penny candy and oh, childhood memories! The clerks are always real friendly and a "Merry Christmas" was exclaimed to us as we headed out with our dime store finds........

Have a lovely day! Kara + Darcy {thanks for peeking!}

Luke's Party

Monday, December 6, 2010

 Luke's party colors {brown, white, gray}

 What do you want to eat at your party?
"poppyseed sandwiches,
  salad with dressing
  & a cake on a cakestand!" {well, goodness it's not a party without a cakestand!}
I love hearing Luke's responses!

{the day after the party he exclaimed "I love all my presents"!} 

Faux Bois contact paper comes in handy for an "L"
The best cake ever! {Jill Renicker's recipe} Mine is always is a little crooked! Oh, well it did have a good side! {I only make one 3- layer cake a year.....I ordered Zach's last year-we'll see, it just take so much time!}

 Kids table!
I love kraft builders paper!

 Darcy's fun gift wrapping......
 again darcy's magic......

 grandma K's treasure trove of a bucket!

"a peek inside"
We now officially have a 3rd thumb-sucker!


{Wrapping, Tying & Embellishing}

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

have a lovely week........gathering gifts and wrapping!

{I have a 5 year birthday celebration this week for Luke} Hope to do a project for the blog....fingers crossed!

Update for McMaster & Storm

Monday, November 8, 2010

 Hello! Many of you have emailed, called and wondered WHEN we would have a shop update! Where has the little shop gone? Why hasn't it been updated with new product? Are you disappearing?

The answer is we are still here! Although we are working frantically behind the scenes on a refreshed website we need to wait on Mr. Tech Guy. He has now pushed it back until______! We are not giving an exact date as we don't want to get our hopes up then another delay. We are certain it will before the end of the year!

Now, to solve this matter of new products {tech guy says don't upload new product until it's moved to new server} We are on ETSY! Some of the new products you see here are on there, if not they will be by the 12th of November.  {and many more new things will be added that are not shown here!}

Here is the ETSY link---- McMaster & Storm's Swan and Shears-----

Any questions, please we'll be happy to help!

British Clothes Airers & Mud Room Staples

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm in love with these "British clothes airers".  Since we are finally in the last stages of our mud room project, I've been looking for practical beautiful things to finish it off. {ok, the trim is being painted and so hope Eric will be able to install next week???}

On my list:
These clothes airers are suspended from the ceiling and you raise it up & down with pulleys. Hang your clothes, lift it up and your delicates, old linens & hand washables will dry on this darling drying rack. They come in different lengths as well.

I found a site that sells them in the United States & this site in England will ship some of the racks to the United States. The British site, also has a limited edition brass & nickel cast iron holders for the wood. These were a staple in households at one time! 

This handrcrafted cottage style broom from Williams-Sonoma.............

This boot tray, a must for the midwest {snow & rain} "soup weather"!