Shops in Savannah and Turlock by my biz partner Darcy

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Store display @ McMaster & Storm

Well, we have lot write about but nothing to say. No, REALLY, there are two wonderful stores and three great gals we'd like to mention. First off, the gal from Savannah, GA (Liz) @ home Vintage General; and secondly Vernonne and Amy in Turlock, CA at Lily's Emporium.

Both shops warrant a stop if you get to their area. Kara, has made it to both! Darcy, on the other hand, only gets to western Kansas, on occasion, where there is nothing but brown grass and cattle, OH BOY! What fun. Kara has built a personal relationship with Vernonne & Amy by working down the street from them several years ago and then working with them, buying and displaying, (and from what I'm told royally trashing their back room!). Great gals and great stores.

Liz, like I said K.B.G made a visit to your store when she and Matt made a trip to the "Y'all state" of GA back in '03. You know how those gals from the south are, never met a stranger. Liz, is an absolute darling, sweet. And her store, well enough said, it's just that great.

So get in your buggy and go. You won't be sorry at all for your travels, just make sure you have plenty of dough, re, mi along, 'cause you won't walk out of either store empty handed just short of change. I DO advise make your honey a gofer and go fer those goooey gophers that our dear friends Simon and Sally retreived on a daily basis while on a recent visit to Savannah. (Thanks for making our mouths water, you two. Sally's friendly visit did reconnect us to our long lost friend Liz, though. It had been awhile since we talked, soooooo thanks for the push Sally.

Kara's note: Thanks to Darcy our blog needed some humor, she's the funny one & our customers love her!
BTW Lily's Emporium (Vernonne & Amy) You're it! You are now tagged, welcome to the world of blogging. You're finally going to the Atlanta market ----we'll see you there.

To Liz the gal behind @home, vintage general----hope to see you there as well.

More Pictures from Amy Butler event

Monday, June 18, 2007

Teague & McKell

Another posting about this fun day of inspiration. We had a ball! Customers stayed awhile & got to know one another. We hope to have another event with Amy & watch for more fabric coming in.

Check out our store as we have new stock & it's full for summer. Dash & Albert rugs are in, they are 2x3 and are all "stripey" in fresh fun colors.

This week brings alot of "going ons" Darcy & I will shopping for found objects. Working on Trophy Co. & sewing a Nappy bag for Jeni Britton. Plus, we'll keep you posted on 2 photo shoots
@ the store.

Kara & Darcy

Pics up from Amy Butler Event!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jeni Britton of Jeni's Ice cream (she's expecting a baby girl!)

L to R Amy Butler, Kara Garber, Heather
Darcy Deaton, Iris Goldflies, Diana & Jeni Britton
Diana demonstrating the new Bernina Activa
Amy signing

Mckell & Amy

Iris & Heather of Skin An Apothecary

A big welcome
Jeni hand dipping ice cream & Amy Butler with her new book "In Stitches"

Signed copies of Amy Butler's book "In Stitches" are available at McMaster & Storm.

Darcy & Kara have been tagged!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

We were up till midnight creating visual drama in our store for our Amy Butler event!
I will have 7 little known facts about us up soon. Abby from The Blissful Home in Canton Ohio tagged us!

(7 little known facts about Kara & Darcy)

1. Darcy & Kara were both homecoming queens, K did not have a date for the dance though!

2. Darcy is always prompt & I'm always late.

3. Darcy has a Grandma "Gravy" as she feeds her dogs & cats gravy bread every morning.

4. We both have relatives in Kansas, Kara's are in Sawyer and Darcy's in Quinter.

5. We are both Old German Baptists (what's that?) We are Christians, but in our denomination we wear white prayer coverings.

6. We sometimes have ideas @ the very same time, especially when we are merchandising our store. During the Amy Butler event we ended up wrapping a gifts for a customer with the same combo of matching pink tissue and orange ribbon @ the same time. Weird! This happens alot!

7. We both had previous stores: Kara's in Turlock, CA, Paris Flea Market & Darcy's @ her home, The Clay Pot. Kara met Darcy @ her shop in CA and when Kara moved back to Ohio in 2002, the goal was to open a storefront together.

Jeni's Ice Cream to be at McMaster & Storm

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jeni's Ice Cream, of Columbus, Ohio, will be at McMaster & Storm in Greenville, Ohio on Saturday June 9th. Jeni will be serving her famous ice cream. Jeni offers flavors such as Bartlett Pear and Riesling Sorbet, Salty Caramel, and Butterscotch with Cocoa Nibs, to name a few.

Store & home: simple thoughts

Friday, June 1, 2007

(Annika asleep at our store, tuckered out from her trip to Ohio from CA)

( Storage baskets displayed in Kara's home available at the store)

*We love these*

* beautiful & practical: hot sellers @ our store*

(Lots of dots, these have sold well)

(good friends, conversation and moments to remember)

( sweet tokens)

( A simple dinner with friends)

(Our collection of sweets)