Saturday, August 25, 2007

{cute, cute begging for us to take it home to McMaster & Storm}

Darcy & I are off this weekend to pick up a vintage-y china cabinet. I spotted this awhile back took a photo and it's still at the shop. Good for us, as we have ideas for it. We are not painting it nor changing the knobs, but we're going to show you what we do with it when "our inspiration" finished. Check back often!

A customer asked Darcy yesterday, "where do you get your inspiration for the store?" Well, it's everywhere, in nature, fabrics, textures, colors, flea marketing & in our creative fabrications. (sometimes even in the wee hours of the morning) Our homes also play a role; testing ideas and just rearranging furniture in our homes gets us going! We are blessed to have the gifts that God has given us, and need to use them to glorify him. Sometimes we forget how awesome our Creator is.

Fall is coming out in the store, Darcy finished details on our wheat sheaves and our new deeper hued rugs are in as well. We should see delivery trucks a lot this next week or so. Also, sending out greetings to our "retailer friends" may you have a wonderful fall season at your shops, we are so blessed to know everyone of you!

Warm Regards,
Kara & Darcy


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"our little man spinning"

Lately it's been a whirlwind, editing orders, adding this & that and yes, canceling those that don't fit into our "look". We're orchestrating many orders to present our identity: McMaster & Storm. I would rather the goods "poof" & they're at our back door ready for Darcy & I to prepare them for auditions before we put the goods "on stage"! Don't worry though this will be our 3rd season here and it'll be the best "evah"!

So if your spinning don't worry you'll eventually stop! Enjoy the rest of summer, the days are getting slightly shorter and the locusts sound different----

Coming soon details on the Country Living Fair!!!!!

summer fun at Greenville park

Dog Days of Summer

Monday, August 6, 2007

summer 2007
I'm so glad it's not snowing, BUT the humidity was out of control today. I made the heat bearable by eating lots of ice cream. Can you believe the recommended serving is 1/2 cup! I think a whole bowl full is the right amount!

Need to post pictures of Annie Oakley days before it's old news. I've been out of blog mode as lighting struck our transformer and caused a short in our wiring, so it's been touch & go with the internet lately until we rewire.

"little sure shot"
she stands quietly overlooking our downtown

Our Annie Oakley t-shirts call us if you want to purchase $23 for womens & $20 for girls pre-washed & bella brand made in the USA
Sara & McKell thanks for all your help
love you both!