Rummage Sale

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Because I forget things! So you would like to know when, where & what!
Call it a yard sale, rummage sale, garage sale, tag sale- just be there.

When: June 2012:::: 15th & 16th 8am-5pm.
What: Children's clothing, household this & that, McMaster & Storm ones & 2-sies that are left.
Plus we are modifying our biz so you do want to stuff.
Where: My house email for address. Will be advertised in Dayton Daily News.
{P.S. My mom is cleaning out too so we'll have things piled!}

Instant Instagram

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In the studio

 Weeee made it to the Instagram platform. User name is karagarber....follow for quick snaps, one of my favorite apps.
 My current read list: can you say p-r-o-j-e-c-t-s!

Vintage envelope filled with samples c. 1951

 My charmer
 Out & about; spotted this table

 Stock up sale on a closeout flavor

 Pretty towel; pop of color 
 Wee find: it's a teeny-tiny sweet little box
Organization continues 4 more shelves left in the office!

P.S. Rummage sale pile is getting bigger!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Learning to make good homemade pizza.
It has been fun! Our Friday night tradition now......
My favorite dough recipe here. I change up the toppings, but love this dough!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

I had an antiquated cell phone; as in it's the free one with the phone plan when your 20 months or so is up.  I've never had a smart phone, I didn't think I needed one.  As a matter of fact, all of my cell phones have always been very basic and that was fine.  However, lately I've been reading about how good the iphone 4s camera is; how you can run a business from it and all these apps that will make your life & business easier to manage. It's like a mini ipad with a phone!

Last Tuesday I had a phone conversation with a colleague and she exclaimed "maybe this is terrible to say, but I can't live without it"! She then proceeded to give me some reasons why. 

Yesterday we purchased one and I my husband haven't been this excited about a phone. It's amazing. Worth the price, yes. I love the camera.......these pictures here are from the iphone.

I have downloaded fun & useful apps and honestly it's like a mini computer in the palm of your hand.
{I sound silly as I'm most likely one of the few that didn't have one!}

I can accept credit cards if I decide to do shows--that is huge for me. 

This post feels silly to write, however, I do believe if you are a owner of an iphone I'm sure you understand. :)


In the Garden........

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Here & there, in between cooking, cleaning & laundry. Hard to fit it all in.

Went to proof pics for our littles, so fun to see! Neurologist appointment--I have had migraines since age 19. My mom's side of the family has a history of migraines. Possibly going to try Botox for them. Has anyone tried that treatment? High blood pressure meds have helped reduce the severe ones that I get.

Ok, so the weather is peachy outside. I have lots to share and seems that my mind works faster than my fingers and then there's finding the T-I-M-E to write! :)

Save Your Pennies.......{Fab Midwest Fleas}

Monday, April 16, 2012

 {Why I like the Fleas}

1. Always great stories from vendors.

2. Good eats

3. Not knowing what you are going to find! It's a treasure hunt at its best and a history lessons to boot. It's fun to run into people you know & chat about this & that. 
P.S. I remember when the Alameda Point Flea was teeny-tiny. Look at it now.......Next time I head to CA, hope to plan a trip around it.
{Raise your hand if you studied Rachel Ashwell's flea marketing tips in one of her first books.}

TA-DA the spring line-up:

1. May 4 & 5th 2012 Rural Society Antique & Garden Show .  Hosted by Page Price at her 50 acre farm { featured in Country Living April 2012} Vendors with decked out spaces, food & rural Ohio at its best. I'm betting on plants, well done displays and high style nestled right beside a llama, chickens, dogs, cats.... just a sampling of the menagerie Paige has. Get your buggy ready.
We are going.....hope to see you there!

2. Na-Da Farm Event {"homegrown creative freedom"} 
May 18th 5pm-8pm & May 19th 10am-2pm
Anne-Marie has picked 20 or so vendors to set up at her farmstead haven. I do believe she will be baking up a storm for the event. Sweet treats, rack up the calories please, shopping is exercise.

Anne-Marie will dole out words of wisdom. :) I love her blog. Expect cheerful camaraderie and great one-of-a-kind finds + well edited displays. Midwest Living did a feature on her last fall and Where Women Cook featured Anne-Marie's kitchen and cooking. I do believe she is in the The Romantic Prairie Cookbook with Fifi O'Neil too.
Tentatively planning on it. I'm hoping my husband can ride along bring the truck.

Springfield Flea Market + Antique Malls: {Vintage Marketplace May 18-20th 2012}
I just read an article about the Springfield Market in our paper. The antiques mecca brings in a staggering amount of $103 million to the local economy. {that includes the permanents + extravaganza, lodging, restaurants etc.} {Dayton Daily News}
Folks fly into here to shop the permanent, gigantic antique malls. The extravaganza then heralds more people flocking. Of course, the jumbo sweet teas & lemon shake-ups might be a sort of attraction on their own. {Although it is more how should I say well, lets say you need to scout if you're a I-have-lived-in-CA-and-some-of-this-looks-too-primitive-kind-of-gal. However, I can always find fun vintage fabric, wrought iron for gardens, plants and some truly great finds. Keep looking, next aisle--What are socks doing here? That can mess with your vision of finding something keen. 
Info on the Vintage Marketplace that is going on that weekend at Springfield May 18-20 2012

Are you planning on going to any of these fun events?

Love Story Continued.......

Friday, April 13, 2012

4/6/12 out & about.
A rare treat. Just us. Olive, an urban dive located in Dayton. Housed in the old Wympee Building. {they wash dishes by hand, no microwave or can openers. reservations are a must, teeny-tiny.}
It's oh, so good.  P.S. They serve Jeni's Ice cream.

I want to post more pictures and tell you more of the story of how we met. Not the grandest story out there, but it's our story. Our very own. Meant to be.

It's been a "wow" week. Not over the top, nothing exciting just family life & some sweet moments; i.e. Zach takes both hands and holds our faces to talk to us. Usually when he is sitting on our lap.

 I'm tired, as in too many late nights. Matt's busy this time of year and April has accelerated from 0-100mph in a blink of an eye. Potty training Zach and y'all understand the craziness! End of that subject. :)

Sweet Toddler Bedding {by Collette Bream}

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All photos by Collette Bream

{collection handmade in the USA}
::::darling toddler bedding & other sweet things for the children::::

 She was featured on Etsy and I quickly put her shop in my favorites. Her photos are so cute.....

 These play animal tails are the kids would have a very imaginative time with these!
{my favorite is the fox's tail!}

4/6/97 to 4/6/12 {15 years}

Friday, April 6, 2012

 *15 years*
Our Wedding Anniversary.......... is today!
Maybe I will tell you how we met! It all started with a lunch break and the fast food chain's place-mat that said "Go West, it's Better Here"!  The date 1994. To be continued.........

{the kids are with their Grandparents} I'm signing off.......


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Pretty white house .....upstairs windows need to be bigger perhaps. I love how it blends in with the surroundings.
*metal roof
*has character

Saturday to Early Monday {in pictures}

Monday, April 2, 2012

 Future home site--someday. My parents took down an old home and bank barn here shortly after they purchased the property 30 some years ago. {My dad say "no way" to digging up the barn's foundation haha }

 The blooms against the field resting until planting season. {Almost here, still too wet to plant the field at this location!}
 We always check my brother's burn piles :) The subjects that are slated for burning removal from the pile are:
:::The door
::: 3 barn beams {attic project}
 We were on the lookout for Morel mushrooms, so reverend here in the Midwest. Kind of like the flurry around Truffles in Europe! Still a tad early to see them, but Luke was looking anyway. The flavor is divine! Last year we found them in our yard, nothing short of a miracle. My mom called these green plants above {look like umbrellas} "May Apples" if I remember correctly.
 Let the Earth spring forth!
 This morning before the bus arrived. My 2 favorite times of day are morning and right before the sun sets. {this was around 8am} The light and the way everything looks is so peaceful & calm.
 Enjoy your day!