Na Da Farm Barn Sale

Friday, September 30, 2011

Looking for something to do? This is just right around the corner! The host Anne-Marie is nice as pie and I do believe along with fun vintage & handmade items she'll be selling pies too! Go here for more info and mark it on your calenders. A variety of vendors will be selling there as well. Rain or shine. Need a cute shopping bag go here & pick one up from Jeanne Oliver.

Now, if you had something going on that weekend mark it out and write NA. DA. BARN SALE in a colored pen. Now go set your GPS and start rounding up your girlfriends to go with you.
{There are also art classes at the farm with some fun & funny gals who'll be teaching, HI Jeanne!!!}


Plan A, B or C?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All I know is we did it!! Athena of Latina's Mexican Cuisine said she filled 4 receipts books & started a 5th one---so that means in just counting the 4 books that is 400 people.  Only 2 months of planning & voila we had the largest party we've ever had in our.front.yard.

We are able through HIM..........

Blessings to everyone who added their creativity to those 2 days. It was a social event too--chatting with dear people.

Now--the famous questions "Are you going to do it again"? Well, I wasn't planning on having a yearly event, but we'll pray about this!  Let me get through the Christmas season, as that begins Nov. 1st on our Etsy shop......then we'll go over plan A, B or C!


Brick Farmhouse Event Pics.......

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

 I still have 2 booths to put up on here--so here are some more pics.........
 A beautiful write up here & more pics through a different lens and someone with a wee bit more time than me!!! {I was running around trot, trot!}

 McMaster & Storm tent

 Athena & Barb--getting set up--the taco stand was a hit & then some!
 Free kittens are always fun!
 McMaster & Storm

 Market snacks by Gina & Julie
 Luke had to have his own name tag! Sunny Friday afternoon!
 Vintage camper
 A taste of Mexico in Darke Country Ohio!
 Homemade salsa at the taco stand
 Cute menu
Jack the beekeeper-------