The Royal Trumpets {Tweet}

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm sure if you are reading the news you know about the soon-to-be royal couple. I can remember the flurry around his mother's wedding and my husband thinks I'm officially cuckoo.

I'm really am more interested in Kate's mother's business, called Party Pieces! They ship to us across the pond! Some of it is too kid-friendly, {ha} but some of the British things are really cute!! I can't figure out how to display the pics, so I will just post links to some of the highlights.

A. These collage girlie British napkins my #1 favorite. They even have a scalloped edge!
B. Union Jack paper chain.
C. Union Jack cake cases.
E. 16 ft of Best of British Bunting.
They have gobs of supplies---have fun peeking!