Our Flea Market Basket Cart

Monday, September 29, 2008

One of the many things we'll be uploading this week.
Flea Market Cart. Liner custom made by Sara for us.
{Includes a prize ribbon}
{A pocket inside for essentials plus a treat in the pocket just for you}
{Jute with red stripe details this darling cart}

The details above of how the liner is attached
{Removable for cleaning}
{Special little details that make this a fun find.}
Also, perfect for storage.

will be available soon online!


Friday, September 26, 2008

1. take a trophy cup, preferably a large one
2. place a bay leaf wreath on top of trophy cup
3. insert preserved leaves, berries, etc into trophy cup
4. we also put a gilded laurel wreath that once upon a time was attached to a mirror
at the base of trophy cup

now you have a elegant way to welcome fall
{picture on my kara's mother's porch}

Have a lovely weekend!

Thank you Mom!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

{one-of-a-kind prize ribbon}
{available soon, we promise}

{kara's mom dropped by at the shop with
homemade goodness! oatmeal cookies,
fresh hydrangea in a vintage bird vase---
oh, the special display of treats!}

{my gift all wrapped up! I haven't even opened it
yet....want to enjoy the packaging}
{thanks mom! here's to the next 34 years!}
{love, kara}

Shop News and Bebe News!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

{shop news}

Kara talked to her California retail friend last week and was told that they were planning Christmas open house already. Yikes, that means we need to get down to business. We have taken a break this past week as we have really just gotten over Country Living fair. We want to get all the new things online by next week. We tried some new products out at the fair and had a great response. We can't wait to show you. Prize Ribbons will be available soon plus a petite offer that involves these and our tablets & pencils. We'll also be re-posting items that are back in stock that you thought disappeared from our website!

{bebe news}

Kara received this card from Darcy a while back. Here's what it says........
Nest now or forever hold your peace!
That little piece of sugar will
soon make an appearance!!!
My Love- Darcy

Some of you blog friends know I'm expecting and also know of our journey to have children. I did have a miscarriage this past January. Luke {almost 3 now} is our first miracle. I feel incredibly blessed to be expecting again and in my 20th week. Some of you gals are still "in waiting" and my prayers go out to you.

So here it is this fall we are presenting "Nesting". I would love to get Luke's baby book scrapbook up to date before this little one arrives in February. I love this company for photo albums, Kolo they have the loveliest of colors and they are simple. I would also like to get baby's room started as well.

I would like to encourage everyone to finish up a project in the month of October. Paint a cabinet, finish something you started, or fall clean.

Fall blessings to all & Happy Nesting!

birthday wishes.....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Morning Arcanum, Ohio...

Well folks we woke up to a bit of fog this morning ... or should I say IN a bit of a fog! The weather @ the Dayton International Airport recorded light winds from the southwest @ 10 to 15 knots...the tempature @ 7:00 am was 59 degrees and it will be a partly to mostly sunny day... for some more than others!

On this exact date HOWWWWW many years ago a little baby girl was born ... never did they think wayyyy back then that we would be able to announce it to the WHOLE WIDE world !!!!

So here goes... sing it with me....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...cha cha cha.

happy birthday to you...cha cha cha...

(real high now, strain hard)

happy birthday dear KARA... cha cha cha.


yipyippyipp that's all folks!!!!

CL Fair 2008 Peek Inside our Tent

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So much "behind the scenes" at this year's
CL fair and I will let Darcy elaborate.
I'm going to bed, zzzzzzzzz! {k}
Please check out these funny blogs
that have a great posting about the fair.
These are our new friends and we're
going to get together somewhere and
not work at all. Shopping and coffee
and lots of it.
Thanks for the memories, ice cream, and dinner!
jeanne at bushel and a peck

beth of chic junk
kasey of Lola B's {she's now moonlighting as a tent representative}

Sad thing is we were either wet with sweat or rain {I'm not kidding either} and so tired during this venue we didn't get pictures of other booths and pics of our evening out. Thank goodness for Kasey and her fancy camera she took care of that. {Hey, Kasey can you send pics of all of us out for dinner and the ice cream photo!}

News from CL Fair 2008 {coming soon}

We do hope to have pics and our thoughts on this years event later today.
We are sorta back to normal.
See you later today!


The day before we head out........

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

{Think of us while we are packing up the shop today}

Good morning!

It's chilly here this morning in Ohio. A bit snappy, fresh after our rainy Monday night. The corn is turning over to it's bountiful harvest color and even though the days warm up you feel fall in the air. Coffee is steaming hot in my cup and after a good night's rest I am ready to start my day.

One last post before we head out tomorrow. All in all things are going well. As a shop owner I'm amazed at the checking and re-checking of orders. Yesterday I called to see about our shopping bags for the event as they were nowhere in sight yet. The company decided to ship them to Southeast Asia instead. Not really, but they had the previous store listed before us with our address. The FedEx driver didn't recognize this store name and it was sent back. They are going to ship out next day air so we hope they show up today. Shop owners do so much checking on things this leaves little time for posting, taking pics, etc. for our blog.

We are shipping out all orders today. Those of you who were waiting on staplers they have arrived in a lovely shade dark aqua green. This is the only color they sent us and we do have one red one as well that showed up. Refills are back in stock. We will ship out all new orders next Wednesday.

Enjoy your day!

Country Living Fair 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We guess it's high time to do another post.
Our back room is now in a flurry of
activity to finish up for the fair next week.
We thank the Lord for providing us with inspiration, {even if it's at the last minute}
the drive to finish things up and for His daily blessings in our lives.

We would like to acknowledge the people that have helped out in many ways
for this event.
1.} Our lovely Sara who helps us out weekly in the shop. She is bringing a major project to fruition for this event.
2.} Our printing guy, Steve who is willing and able to accomplish our visions on cardstock. He's the best.
3.} Jill for sewing Kara's dresses for the fair.
4.} Wanda for watching Luke next week. Luke loves her boys and he'll have a ball with them. AND Darcy's Mother for helping her out with her kiddos as well.
5.} Kara's little boy Luke who helped us pack boxes with us at the store on Tuesday. Little ones love to help.
6.} Kara's Mother for coming along and putting up with us the 4 days in Columbus. She is the one that keeps things humming at these events.
7.} The companies that are shipping goodies at the last minute for us.
8.} Matt for helping us load up next week. He is SO excited about this. No, really he loves to help out. WE promise we are more organized this time!
9.} To Kasey of Lola B's Boutique in St. Charles, Illinois that has organized a lovely get together next Thursday evening. I believe some other vendors will be dining with us as well. The Farm Chicks are coming that evening too.
10.} To Country Living Magazine for hosting this fabulous event. You make it worth our time and effort. Thank you!
11.} CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALL OF YOU THERE! Please drive carefully!