Annie Oakley Days

Friday, July 20, 2007

We just got back from Atlanta (we've somewhat recovered, hey it's a lot of work)
Yes! Our little brains have been churning away as we have new ideas ahead!

Next week July 26th thru the 28th is our 3rd Annual Vintage & Sale event. Our card we mailed out exclaims, A REAL SALE! We'll be getting ready to enjoy the end of summer with Annie Oakley days, Annie hails from the Darke County area! We love her! In honor of her we'll be offering pink & brown t- shirts that are fresh with a vintage twist. They'll be available for women & little girls. Come celebrate our sharpshooter.

Swans a Swimming

Friday, July 6, 2007

Matt & I took a break 2 weekends ago, & one of our friends is begging to get this photo up. When I called Darcy and told her I had spotted the perfect bench and explained further that the bench was held up by concrete or cast iron swans, we both burst into uncontrollable laughter. Darc thought I had lost my mind which does happen on occasion! This "swan bench" would be a perfect addition to our store, but alas it wasn't for sale. Although I'm hoping the owner will sell it to me. I took a picture to show Darcy to prove that it's really a darling bench. She now agrees, end of story!

Young Girl Statue
She seems to be content doing her daily chores
(seen on our trip)

Letters from France

Monday, July 2, 2007

My mother (
Kara's) cleaned out her attic and promptly hauled boxes up to our house. "They're yours" she exclaimed. I was not thrilled to go through boxes and decide what to keep or throw out.
I was enjoying my evening of mowing, a mindless chore but somewhat enjoyable to me. My 19 mo. old loved being up in the truck helping us sort out childhood toys, & other school days ephemera.
I opened one of the apple boxes a medley of scrapbooks and other memento's from H.S. graduation were piled in them. A stack of letters grabbed my attention and the red & blue borders stood out, "Par Avion" stamped on the fronts. They were addressed to my maiden name. The letters were from 1992 and some in 1993. I corresponded to two pen pals in France as I was intrigued by this country since the 7th grade. I didn't write to them for very long, but nonetheless was excited to find the letters as I thought they were thrown out after I moved to California in the fall of 1994. I now have a keen interest in seeing if I can get in touch with Cathy & Nathalie. This was before the days
of e-mail so I hope their families are still there. I know Cathy's village had a pop. of 600, surely I will get a response. I will keep everyone posted to see if I can reconnect with them. I hope so!

*Added note*

Can you help me out?
It's time to paint the trim on our 1840's home. We have a brick house so we need just shutters and fascia painted. I want a European look but formal, the brick is more orange-ish so can't use taupe. (I'm not a taupe person anyway) Our gutters are an antique white.