Heading out.........

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and it's one of my favorite holidays---I have a sweet tooth.
I miss selling sweets on our website, must look into that again. 

A little note I'll be gone until February 11th. Orders will not be shipped until I return. You can send me an email with any inquiries as I will be checking them. Darcy will be taking calls if you need to ring---937-694-4603.
I'm heading to Mexico with my husband and kidlets. Matt will be there for work and lucky me I get to go along. Will be fun to see the sun again, it has been cloudy here for a long time.
Thank you for all the kind comments and orders from our recent press. We appreciate it!

Back in Stock

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally--Scallopini Cuts right here

Haiti & the children.........

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last evening Matt & I looked up Haiti and viewed it from Google Earth and measured how big and how far it is from the United States. I read the state department on the warnings of traveling there.

It is a country that has been in dire need of revival and transformation. I think I read 1 in 4 people have HIV? Reigns of terror, poverty, violence and things I can't even begin to write here, has plagued this country for a long time.

Pray for people we know there. Pray for those that are in the midst of this tragedy and most of all pray for the children--I worry the most about them. I wish I could be there with food, water, hugs & a safe place to rest their little bodies.
I worry they can't get supplies to the them fast enough, it makes me sad to think of their suffering. I want to shield their eyes from it all.

Industrial Cottage

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Dec | Jan issue of House Beautiful left me speechless. This magazine has really changed in the last year, love it. This house of Jill Brinson has me inspired , steel windows, bead board ceiling, creamy whites, light wood floors. Love it!
Salvaged shutters for a closet door

{3 photos from House Beautiful}

Let there be light! Tons of it. Must paint my cherry cabinets soon, they are a pain to clean anyway! People call me crazy wanting to paint them, but they are just not me!

I'm dreaming of paint colors........let the work begin soon. Now where is the contractor?
Yoohoo! Eric we're ready. {I think!}

Stay warm, it's definitely grilled cheese and tomato soup weather in these parts, brr.
Here is our favorite homemade tomato soup recipe here.

New Treats!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Because you asked for it! Entire bolts of our teeny, tiny burlap twine. 400 yards for blissful endeavors. Pink, cream & red available here.

Happy New Year

Friday, January 1, 2010

 We do wish you a wonderful 2010! May we all accomplish our goals this year.  Tomorrow is organization mania here in the shipment/inventory room. We have officially bitten off more that we can chew. We'll see you after a mini break and meanwhile think of us getting tangled in packing tape! 2010---ready, set, GO!!