Treats in a Petite Boit {Box}

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

 Boxes found here & here
{for those of you who asked, the wrapped almond cookie is an Italian treat & I found them
at Marshall's, however dear ones I will post website of where I think you can get them.}
**will post that after I get at least 7 hours of sleep. wink. wink. & blink.**
The Italian wrapped cookie treat is Amaretti Virginia 
and can be purchased through this distributor
{This shop calls them Amaretti Biscuits}


 Simply cut pretty paper and wrap around outside of box, use Japanese tape to 

Take a glassine bag scallop the edge and insert in box and then add some sweet treats.

***Those round wax seals, they are to inspire. Yes, you may stick them on the box.
Creativity knows no bounds. They now make wax for your glue gun, now that is dandy.
Here is a place for stick- on- wax seals & wax for your glue gun.

We love shredding scissors and use them for tissue paper.  Instant filler and fluffy-fluff.

Stamp a cute sticker and place on the lid. Secure lid with cute Japanese tape.

Simply cute.

Sweet Arrow Package{s} for Valentine's Day

Monday, January 30, 2012

Make it!
 Gather together all the parts & pieces!
Conversation Candy Hearts 
{Did you know Brach's now has ice cream flavor hearts?! Colors are pretty!}
*Toothpicks or small skewers
*Gold metallic tape {Tim Holtz makes some of this, however I'm waiting to hear
from a source so I can sell this amazing tape that I found! hang tight!
*Candy glassine bags {Bags are no longer available from this company
they have some like this that could work.}
*Tiny stamps {I love this brand, Studio G Alphabet Stamp Sets}
*Vintage brads or new brads {I keep an eye out on Ebay & Etsy for the solid brass vintage ones}
*Scalloped or pinking edge scissors
*Stazon stamp pad {my favorite brand of stamp pads}
*Card stock {I used cream}

 Cut desired size of rectangle for bottom of arrow, fold in half and notch your ends.
{Folding in half makes your points even, unfold when done cutting}
The left arrow {bottom piece} is only notched on the bottom
the right arrown {bottom piece} is notched on top & bottom.
Both ways are just fine!

 Cover completely with Japanese washi tape. Fold over onto back and
clip tape when necessary so it keeps the card-stock shape.

 Use multiple patterns & colors of tape. Layer and have fun with it.
Glue point and end of arrow onto your toothpick.

 Fill candy into bag.

 Fold over and use decorative scissors to cut pretty edging.
Use the Crop-a-dile and punch a hole in center top of bag.

 Stamp initial onto silver snap tabs.

 Insert into hole you punched in bag and fold and snap it together.

Stamp pink tag with a favorite stamp of yours.
{The "To:" stamp is found in this set}
Punch a hole in the bag, very bottom center.

 Put tag hole over the bag hole and insert brad through the holes.
Fold out brad ends on the back.

 Now you're ready to attach your arrow.

 Cut strip of metallic tape {or Japanese tape}
and secure arrow on the bag.

Little arrow bags of candy are ready for a "quiver" of lovely friends.

Valentine's Day {Preview of Craft Projects}

Saturday, January 28, 2012

 ➸Next week we will show you some fun ways to do simple, sweet packages for February 14th. Remember it's a fun day to surprise someone with a pink or red enveloped card and sweet treats. Deliver some pretty balloons, make someone's day and deliver some "you are loved" love!
 The big arrow I made is going to be stuck into Zach's cake along with some of the picks I happily purchased from B H L D N!

 We're all into arrows these days!

 Ok, kiddos grab some Brach's Conversation hearts, Valentine's Day mellow cremes & Brach's Cinnamon Hearts or whatever dime store Valentine's Day candy floats your heart!
Gather together Japanese washi tape, glassine bags, skewers, stamps, and paint sample cards....
We'll give you a detailed list next week of more supplies you will need for your craft arsenal!

Valentine's Day {Crafting & Industrial Things}

Friday, January 27, 2012

Yesterday my wee ones went to Grandma's house. I was able to get all of our shipments out, except for these stools which requires my savvy-shipper husband to package these. They are headed to Vermont.

I put all of my inspiration for Valentine's Day in this "cubby drawer". Crafting is on my list for the next few days. I want to share with you some fun & simple ideas. 

{The petite books are; Don'ts for Wives and Don'ts for Husbands, hilarious reads and even though they were written ages ago they are so relevant today!}

Little {big!} Zach turns 3 in a few days and I want to make this cake I found over at Camilla Style's blog. This recipe has me curious, too. It's almost lunch time in Ohio and I'm hungry!

 I will be updating the Etsy shop today in between taking care of Zach & Vivian. Matt brought the computer downstairs for me so I can keep a watchful eye on them. The metal holder & cubby divided drawer are going on Etsy.

 Cute pharmacy cabinet........headed to the shop.

This industrial holder is sweet & petite!

 I heart red foil hearts & all shapes of sizes hearts. {and that's a lot of hearts!} Made in the U.S.A and headed to our shop!

Set of 4 industrial stools going on Etsy. They will be available for pickup as well.

What is it about cute storage? Gets me every time :)

Planning to craft--I feel it! Valentine's Day is one of my favorites celebrations.

 {Vivi 17 months}

Hat {Vintage}
Dress {Darcy's daughter Mckell wore this c. 1997}
Sweater {Baby Gap, Goodwill}
Cream cable leggings {from Grandma} :)
Shoes {clearance rack, Gap I purchased these way before I had kids.}

Happy Friday and wishing you a sweet day.

Pretty Things

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just wanted to pop in and say good night......
Last two nights I have been posting late. {for me}

I tucked my recent paper-y purchases from BHLDN in pretty glassware & lab flasks, etc.
*See the last pair of scissors below? They're bankers scissors, part of my Christmas gift
from Darcy. They are swell, no?*

I'm known for hanging things from my chandeliers. 
Well, why not? Life's too short not to have some fun.



Monday, January 23, 2012

 Our bed after our ginger haired kidlet romped in it and mussed it up.
I had taken down everything off the walls when we painted in 2010.
Hmm, dear lady of the house when will you decorate this room?
{Headboard-less to boot! We happily got rid of our cherry sleigh bed, it was way
too big for the room.}

I've have been a fan of Elizabeth Allen Atelier bedding.
A vintage air about her collections, the pattern and color pairings are 
fantastic.  Feminine, but not over the top frilly. {She also has a bargain bin! Yardage is available.}

The headboard makes this ensemble snappy.

 I would add a punch of red to the above. 
Yes, I would. Somehow, somewhere!

I wonder if chocolate is tucked on the nightstand?

My absolute favorite remedy to Ohio's cold & dry winters. Love this!
C. Booth's original bath & body oil. You can snap this up at Rite-Aid, Kmart & other drug stores.
 C. Booth's costs around $6.00 & will become your winter staple.
I put it on in the shower and afterwards, it's the best stuff. Very lightweight.
Night-y - Night!

I heart Italy

Friday, January 20, 2012

{Image Source}

On of the oldest apothecaries in the world, 1612.
This particular terra-cotta pomegranate was given rave reviews in Domino Magazine
 written & raved by Rita Konig. {Read more about Rita!} I love her style!
The scent is sealed in the firing process of the terra-cotta and lasts 9-12 months.

{Image Source}

A. Anichini's girl's dress in your choice of fabrics & colors.

{Image Source}
My favorite perfume. This is my daily pick-me-up, makes me feel very 
feminine and that I like! Anthropologie carries Tocca.

{Image Source}

A simple blouse by Tocca. 

{Image Source}
Blouse shown in another hue.

{Image Source}

For the Bambini......little girl's grey dress, Tocca. 

It's that weekend ahead you @ 11 and latte @ 2.

{Image Source}

Because I adore Di Santa Maria Novella packaging. 
Timeless. {& useful, wink!}