Creative Space

Friday, January 30, 2009

We posted a while back we were going to show you our rooms where we are going to
create, ship, design, etc. {in other words make a mess} here's Kara's & up soon Darcy's {get busy girlie!}

Cubby holes filled with favorite finds.....

Hues of red, pink and other colors that blend into our favorites.
I haven't gotten to the "tagging" part of the craft room, just
the foundation of where things are placed. There is one wall of total shelves,
that's where the true organization will be as it will hold inventory among
other key things to running a business.

Bigger view of cubby
Sewing basket, {ikea} tied with our alphabet ribbon.

Storage piece

Our fun, practical find........ikea wooden ironing board. Looks very European
but it's new, sturdy, adjustable heights, and place to hold a iron.
They are extra wide, so makes for faster ironing. Need we say more!
The storage basket on ironing board has a simple liner made from a Cote Bastide dish towel,
cut in half, {one for each side} muslin to connect both pieces of dish towel and our colored tight weave ribbon
sewn on the sides to secure. I need to show the one I made for Darcy as well, these liners
are so easy to make!

Our "treat trays" hold envelopes, and supplies in plain sight.

Part of the shelving that holds linens & things!

Our market basket filled to the brim with paper!

Colorful thread on wooden thread organizer.
Easy to see what's on hand.

Funky light for fun....

The table from ikea, softened with a scalloped muslin tablecloth,
made by Sara. Chair also from ikea and a "K" linen over the back...would like to
tie the tight weave ribbon onto linen to actually tie the cover on chair. Chair also needs a
cute seat cushion!

I found this....sewing pad: great measuring markings/ironing pad/with pockets on front
for scissors & sewing necessities. It is a favorite find as it is out of the way
by being on the front of the table and not cluttering up the surface.
I found this at Jo Ann's in the notions aisle.

Favorite calendar that I had saved and just recently had dry mounted!

Happy New Things Online.....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here is a medley of new products we have online.
There are a few more not listed here & some we still
need to upload. Certain items online we are having
a sale as we are discontinuing them.
Our newest fun find, fold & tuck envelopes.
Resealable and heavy duty for petite to grande things.
Use for gift packages or mailing by post!

Assortment of tags packed up and ready to create!

Scalloped elastic, to stretch your imagination

Gold woven texture ribbon, oh how we adore this.
{lovely to add to a hand done prize ribbon}

Teeny, tiny gold string the tags will love this!
Delicate and so sweet.
One of the new religious prints

Assortment of twine, packed up in 3 colors
red, pink & ivory
Tags, take your pick of your favorite color or
pick all of them!
Round basket treat trays, we love this for organization or
Wintry Ohio, January 2009
Not currently for sale online!
{Kara's house}

Good Things Happen to Those Who Wait......

Monday, January 19, 2009

THIS POSTER........has caused Kara some sleepless nights, no not really as she hasn't been sleeping very well for the last month or so. Ahhh, the joys of her 3rd trimester pregnancy!
Darcy purchased two of these lovely posters for us at last years Country Living fair. They are a Hatch Show print, most likely done on an old press. They are not the typical commercial posters. They have a matte finish & well it's just plain cute. Kara thought that she had totally misplaced this poster or even thrown it away, she kept moaning to her rascal biz partner Darcy about the lost poster {like for 3 weeks}. Kara hunted high & low and meanwhile her husband is rolling his eyes at this silly poster.
She had thought it would be cute hanging in the nursery since it was carnival like and well, just sweet. Alas, no poster, UNTIL Friday when Darcy {the rascal} explains that she finally has Kara's Christmas gift done and is on the way to bring it over. Anyway in comes Darcy through the door with a basket filled with gifts {way too much, girlie!} and Kara proceeds to open her gifts. Two flat objects wrapped to the hilt and ONE IS THIS POSTER. All this worrying....& Darcy proceeded to have it dry-mounted and she stuck these cool over sized grommets and funky grey ribbon from Cheryl Parks-Rogers. MORE BELOW OF THE "TOO MUCH" GIFTS FROM RASCAL DARCY........

THESE PJ'S! I have been sticking these in my cart at Target for the last 3,000 times then taking them out as I go over in my head I don't need these, take them out of the cart now and head to the diaper section and buy what you really need {no, not diapers for me silly-the baby}! These are in the men's section
and are navy & white and oh, so classic
East Coast or whatever {hey, that sounded good you know}!
Anyway the rascal Darcy
had Sara stick my monogram on the pocket {after which Sara took off the pocket to
get the monogram on there}. On the back up @ the top is our Italian alphabet ribbon in a string of K's! These snazzy pj's and the slippers are going in to my hospital bag, they'll perk me up right after delivery {ha}!

Rascal Darcy also had the "sweet treats" poster mounted and
did her grommet thingy and ribbon all tied up for hanging! {I had been moaning that
I didn't have one of these yet & we've been selling them for a year!}
Not to mention my favorite candle, soap and that Mrs. Meyer's
lavender laundry soap tucked into THAT BASKET OF GOODIES.
Oh my, too much.....thanks a bunch....Kara

Oh, and not to forget about these pastry tags that lovely Kasey of Lola B's sent Kara. Kara tied bakery twine through them to add some punch. {bakery twine, pastry tags...get it? I knew you would!}

We hope to shortly {before baby, eeek due date Feb 11th we better get cracking} show you some organization ideas that we've been working on in our own studio/craft/sewing rooms.

Hey, folks you know what it's a better week already. We're on the mend!
Listen up, we'll have new treats on the web hopefully by tomorrow
afternoon! Once again rascal Darcy gave a whistle to Luke in his Christmas present!
Want to know what to give 3 year old boys.... a whistle they'll love you and you'll love them!
{with your hands in your ears of course!}

Love, K&D

A Week that We're Wishing for an Early Spring....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What a week, a week that has completely fell apart. Horrible weather, sick kids, doc appts, school closings, and Darcy & Kara a sick as well. The store has had hit & miss hours this week and due to sick shop owners we are closed today, Saturday {e-mail us with any questions}. We had pics to take of new things for website and that will not happen this week. We're wishing for an early Spring and it's only the middle of January! We hope to have a back to normal next week. Kara will be back to the store on Tuesday with gusto she hopes!

Homemade chicken noodle is the day to make it! We wish you all a warm weekend. Let's try not to dwell on this yucky week.

In Our Book Brach's Conversation Hearts are the Best!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We're smitten by these little hearts, a childhood memory & a favorite at
Valentine's Day. We have tried other companies like Necco and they don't compare
to the easy to bite into, more flavor {not chalk like} Brach's hearts.
Brach's brand is very hard to find.......
why I don't know. We found them at Kroger's a grocery store.
Most pharmacies stock the Necco brand.
Anyway since Kara's expecting she's having no problem
plowing through a bag! {shhhh}

*shipments arriving to upload on website, can't wait to show you
some of the new things!

Sweet Saturday Thoughts

Saturday, January 10, 2009

One of our customers, Debby, who discovered us at the 2007
Country Living fair found a home for one of our favorite things-
this swan "floating on water".
Debby is a customer who understands the quirkiness of
McMaster & Storm. Her collection of purchases always
reflects what we are truly about, different things
that add a spark & a
touch of uniqueness to a home.
Plus we always enjoy good conversation as well.
We hope to keep in touch with them
through the future going-ons of McMaster & Storm!

Gary & Debby brought us each a potted rose in a darling
pink pot----we hurried and did a collection of
Valentine-y colors at home with this plant!
Very inspirational and colorful during this ho-hum
time of winter in Ohio. Thank you also for
the very humbling note you tucked in our plants.
We appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Now this picture of these gals---the live, love scrap gals
has a story as well. They are retailers and we have enjoyed collaborating on
ideas about retail. They are moving to a
smaller building with character and I believe will become a very unique scrap booking boutique that will
inspire and not be a typical scrapbooking store. We hope to do some events with
them. They are always a lot of fun when they come in.
They also get our paper/vintage/odd things addiction!!!

Since we have announced our closing of the brick & mortar store
we have spoken across the country to retailers and the impact the retail
life has on us. We all want to do what we love, enjoy family, and lead a fulfilling life. Each of us works to find equilibrium and sometimes pull back when one
aspect is out of balance, (i.e. spending time with family).
There is always a solution and even if it means closing & finding other
ways to lead a fulfilling life. Believe me we can't wait for the next chapter of McMaster & Storm,
we'll keep you posted on the blog!

{icy weather, questionable road conditions. Store may or may not be open depending on the weather today, please call to verify, 10th of Jan sorry}

The Conclusion of our Stapler Saga....They're Now Available

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They're now available!

I arrived at the shop in icy weather, much to my mother's dismay. We had schools closing, but I knew a certain box was to arrive today. I took Luke as my mom has been sick and with packing peanuts on the floor {kids happen to love these & I despise this static-y, messy packing material} I unpacked the assortment of the stapler colors we were used to. The colors are the same in the blue, pink & slate, but the green and gold got a European update. The green color is fresher and the gold color has a fun modern feel. Welcome back staplers we're glad to have you back in the states!

Display Pieces & Furniture; now with dimensions on most, {closing retail store}

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here are the display pieces for sale
pickup or arrange your own shipping
questions: call 937-548-2100

Antique, massive, very tall 4 doors from an Indiana Courthouse
{Metal stands, which hold the doors upright are included in the price}
Solid wood, painted. Two of the doors are 118" tall by 40" wide. The other 2 doors are 118" tall by 46" wide.
$1599.00 for the set of 4

Apothecary Displays {includes glass sliding doors not shown}
2 for $2,600.00
Now $1,399.99 for the pair. Each cabinet consists of 2 pieces, a top and a bottom. The dimensions of which are 72"wide by 94" tall, the depth of the top piece is 12" and the depth of the bottom piece tapers from 24" down to 12".

Antique Department Store Dress Shirt Display
Drawers pull out in back
Now $899.99. Dimensions: 96" wide by 36" tall and 28" deep.

Store Counter Display on wood base
Now $299.99. Dimensions (including base) 59.5" wide by 41.75" tall by 29" deep.

Long store display counter 12' long with one shelf
Now $499.99. Dimensions: 144"wide by 34" tall by 28" deep.

Huge Oak Antique file Cabinet
Now $999.00. Dimensions: 69"wide by 72" tall by 12" deep.

Reproduction style European Island w/ drawer

Antique grocery store display
wood & metal on wheels
Now $449.00.
Dimensions: 50.5" wide by 40" tall by 24-12" deep (depth tapers in at top).

Antique Cabinet Made in Bradford, Ohio
Picture of man who made it in the drawer with his name!

Huge Antique White Cabinet w/ 2 glass doors above included
{ glass doors not shown as we took them
off to display}

Aqua 2 drawer chest {nice for entryway, bigger size}

Vintage Birdcage on Stand
Now $269.99

Modern Style
Butcher Block Table w/ stainless steel legs
40.5" High, 23.5" Depth, 71.5 wide