Monday, October 31, 2011

A tad bit behind....guess that is normal for me. {a.k.a. mom to 3 kidlets} Shooting for the 7th of November.
Keep me in your prayers!

Here, There & Everywhere......

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ginger hair and a mouthful of Smarties. Smarty pants.
Zach Ellington, at the tail end of age 2.

 it seems!

musings of the last few weeks. ...
*Dum Dum lollies & Smarties are a must on photo shoots that involve kids.
{I kid you not, as soon as we plunked them down on their stools, they started crying.all.of.them.
including the mom so that made 4 of us.} Out of the 400 I think there are 3 good ones?
*I have been bitten by a major procrastination bug as I have a zillion photos to upload of new product. They must be up by Nov. 1st. We all know I have a deadline as there is a twelve pack in the pantry so I can get this project done. I mean a 12 pack of coke. classic coke, not diet either-- that's cheating. Onward, ho!
*Don't get me wrong there's been a cheery note here & there, I had coffee with Darcy one evening by ourselves, that's monumental.  Matt & I had an evening out with our oldest & then we toted all 3 kidlets this past Saturday on a fall drive. {think driving on Ohio's back roads, kettle corn, outlet mall without a stroller, & Chick-fil-A-----fun times for the kiddos} Plus, Jill of sew a fine seam popped over on a rainy, cold day.
*Helping my mom plan a shower,  behind the scenes stuff. I want to take a few pics of some of the things we are doing for that.
*& go here for the most inspiring photos; walnut groves in France-----I love her blog, Stephmodo.

Have a good & blessed week and I'll try to pop in again........soon! {famous last words}

This is fun.....

Friday, October 14, 2011

I discovered this seller on Etsy, Seelamade and she is not far from me.
She re-purposes vintage tins, pie plates etc and creates tiered stands. Her style is so fresh and fun......
Take a visit Seelamade.

Christmas Open House 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

at our Etsy shop
November 1st 2011
{Scenes from our very last Christmas 2008 in our brick & mortar}

So you know where I'll be the next few weeks: photographing, editing and uploading a lot of products!
I whittled away at it today as my wee ones went to Grandma's house. Well, I'm off to get some coffee downstairs, so have a lovely evening dear ones.


Miss Viv & Shoes

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vivian figuring out what shoes are all about--goodness she hasn't worn them much. All summer long, barefoot it was. {who can resist wee feet?} She cried the first time I put her shoes on. Miss Viv now thinks they are ok. Speaking of shoes, I have a story and it tops all shoe stories {I think}. True story and I should tell it to you.....sometime.