Summer Fizz

Friday, May 13, 2011

Want a fizzy fix? Pick up a 2 liter of club soda. Make a simple syrup of 1 cup of water & 1 cup of sugar. Heat the simple syrup until sugar is dissolved, let it cool. Add a tablespoon or two of syrup to a glass of club soda. Since I had strawberries on hand and an abundance of mint leaves, in the glass they went!

Be creative--fresh squeezed lime, basil leaves or anything else that floats your boat this summer........
{Way less calories than regular soda and good for the kids too!}

Oh, and the simple syrup will keep in the fridge for a month--


Little Things........

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Make everything sweeter! Don't you think so? I do hope you all have had a nice last couple of days!
These petite brooms, I gave to Darcy as part of her gift and to my mom
as a token from my little ones. 

The sentiment on the banner: Happy Mother's Day......
xoxo from your little crumb crunchers.....
Luke, Zach & Vivian
{to sweep away all our crumbs}

 and sweet brownies via PW
{& yes, they taste just like Dorothy Lane Market's Killer Brownies!}
good to the last little crumb!

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May your day be extra blessed!

Laundry Room

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Laundry room in use since December 2010......some little details left to do!

 The laundry room floor was raised to be even with the kitchen and a salvaged wood floor laid. In order to do that we had to first raise the exterior doorway when we re-pointed the brick. This room was a pretty crude room. Originally, had an exterior door in between the kitchen and this room, then another exterior door to the outside.

My neighbor's aunt lived here at one time and she told me this was a place to wash up before coming into the house. Basically, an enclosed, unheated room.

The sink will go where ironing board is. I had originally thought a double sink with drainboard, after having time to ponder sink, I have decided on a single sink with drainboard. The bigger sink will overpower the room. I just need to borrow dad's truck to go get the sink, and spend some $!!  {sink at our local restaurant supply--just wanted to give you a visual!}
 My "basket closet" houses my tireless Electrolux. We have had it since we were married, 14 years ago and when it dies, central vac to the rescue. {After pricing a new Electrolux vacuum, now Aerus brand, it makes sense to install a central vac!}

Trim around windows to complement trim in kitchen.
 Light above desk--cheap from Lowes. The light is galvanized which differs to the finish on the 2 scalloped lights below. Possibly will change down the road, but would rather have a light up instead of seeing an electrical box! I do like a couple swing out lights from Rejuvenation. There is a window close to this light so I didn't want anything to hang or stick out to obstruct view of window. This is above built in desk......will show whole room shots on another post.
 Two pendant lights hang towards the sink and washer/dryer end. I really thought I would hang one of those British clothes aires I showed in this post, however, not sure I like cluttering up the ceiling, still deciding!? I absolutely will put one of those in a future home!! We also, have a place for a laundry chute to the upstairs, again really don't want a hole in the ceiling as this room has an open doorway to the kitchen. I love keeping it simple!
 Three new windows were installed. I left the wood the natural color, should I rub a wood wax or tung oil on them?

 The "half wall" you see when you walk in from the outside. This is to hide the laundry counter and give a finished look to where the washer & dryer is tucked in. I plan to finish painting the counter top, I originally wanted a zinc top, but once we got the wood in and the 1st coat of paint on I decided to forgo my hunt for zinc!
 Ikea shelving left natural and these sit above washer & dryer. Paper towels on top and misc. in the lined baskets. This room is not huge, approximately 7' wide and 15' long.

The walls are 6" wide pine boards. We thinned down Dover White paint with water to let some of the knots, etc. show through. I knew drywall was out of the question in a hard used mud room/laundry. Drywall in my opinion is fragile stuff, dings show!!

Darcy helped me with suggestions for the molding around ceiling. Thank you!

 Vintage light cage, then Matt hooked up new socket, wiring and had a canopy on hand!
 These shelves are in the "open mudroom closet". I will show you the rest of the closet, but need to organize it a bit. Remember there are five of us! :) There is a window in the closet, because in an old brick house you can't just move a window! {well, you can for lots of $$$!} I love having a window in the closet, since there is no door on the closet it is fun!

We studded the walls {so we could insulate!} facing the outside, the window sills are now deep, so my kidlets can perch on them while donning their shoes! Since I didn't have room for a bench, the wide sills make up for no bench! This part of the house, including the kitchen is only 2 brick the rest of our house is 3 brick so wonder why they did this?
 These are pull out valet rods. The ball twists off so I added an architecture element, hence the vintage door plate. I love these "valet rods", although you must install these in the walls during construction, if you want them "built in". I like how ironed shirts can hang without getting squished. A hook is dandy but the clothes get squished together. I have another one in another wall, close to the desk. That one is high so I can hang longer dresses, etc. on.

My list to do before an overall shot to take place, not much left! {Maybe a public list will make me get it done?!}
1. Finish painting countertop.
2. Purchase & hook up sink {ok, that's my husbands job!}
3. We need warmer weather to paint door and exterior trim around windows + door.
4. Find a chair/stool for desk and round corners in the niche where desk is. 
I think this chair would be peachy!?
5. I like these bottles for their slightly tinted color for water, bleach, etc.

List for Husband
1. Finish topping outside stone walls on either side of steps. Stone walls are done, picture below shows progress. The stone is salvaged limestone from a friends basement exterior wall. Nothing like the "old" stuff!
2. Petite porch over back door......I'm thinking simple wood brackets with a standing seam roof? The porch will be small, just enough room to unlock door and hussle the kids in from the rain or snow or hail or.....{the weather is extremely moody at the moment!}

This section of the house, which includes kitchen, new laundry/mud room and upstairs attic, has been where we have spent a lot of time working. The south, outside brick wall was entirely re-pointed and the west, outside wall still needs this to be done, not as big as the south wall, but none-the-less work!

We want to build shutters as the entire house had them. Our front of the house has original shutters, but they need some restoration work. Interesting site about shutters here.

After researching windows, we replaced the 3 in the laundry/mud room. We're happy with them, however the rest of the house we will be restoring the original windows and re-opening the arches. The previous owners put those awful aluminum storm windows in and put a piece of wood in the arch to fit the rectangle storms in. I'm happy they left the original windows in, after much online research there are advocates as to why you don't want to dump the old windows in the landfill.

After getting quotes on replacement arched windows and the cost of them, we are restoring and then making our own arched wood storm windows. Really, not hard if you have the right tools.

The arch top makes replacement windows expensive as they need to change their knives and it is specific to the job and the silly, very cute arch top caused us to research......I can't see vinyl windows in this house. Also, research shows you never re-coup the cost on new windows! Old windows have a better fit as they have aged with the house and the wood is old-growth wood.

This new room sure beats going to the "cellar" to do laundry and I had to duck!! The gal before me was shorter than me! Now need to finish up so I can show you the entire room.


Laundry Room {The "During" Stage}

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I will let the pictures do the talking! Tomorrow I will have the "Done" stage with a few details left to do, then will do an overall shot of this room.......