British Clothes Airers & Mud Room Staples

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm in love with these "British clothes airers".  Since we are finally in the last stages of our mud room project, I've been looking for practical beautiful things to finish it off. {ok, the trim is being painted and so hope Eric will be able to install next week???}

On my list:
These clothes airers are suspended from the ceiling and you raise it up & down with pulleys. Hang your clothes, lift it up and your delicates, old linens & hand washables will dry on this darling drying rack. They come in different lengths as well.

I found a site that sells them in the United States & this site in England will ship some of the racks to the United States. The British site, also has a limited edition brass & nickel cast iron holders for the wood. These were a staple in households at one time! 

This handrcrafted cottage style broom from Williams-Sonoma.............

This boot tray, a must for the midwest {snow & rain} "soup weather"!


Jill Elaine said...

I want I want!!! Cool, so cool. My broom sits in my kitchen a lot. it's just handier that way:) But oh how much neater looking to have this one instead of my bright yellow, plastic one!! LOL:) Gonna have to put one of these on my Christmas list - I'll bet Lowes or Ace would have something similar - cheap.
I've GOT to have the drying rack in my laundry room. Gonna show that to my hubby. Can't wait to be done with other projects so we can finish the laundry room up:)
Boot tray- what a WONDERFUL idea - need probably 2 or 3 of those w/ 3 kiddos around!
See you later today - Lord willing!

Olivia Coy said...

I love the clothing rack and the boot brilliant!!!

Mary said...

the boot tray is perfect! so much better than a beach towel folded up by the front door!

Diane said...

I LOVE the drying rack! I don't have the room in my laundry room, so had to settle for one in my dollhouse. They really do make them for dollhouses too!