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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trim- y Trim on it's way--hooray!

Gearing up for Christmas 2010 at McMaster & Storm

Luke scratching his head & thinking "When are they gonna wrap this project up"?

I've been holding and holding Vivi, it's a good thing I have reading material handy. I read a ridiculous article today "How high is to high for heels"! I'm scratching my head a thinkin' I've been wearing the same 2 pairs of flip flops since May. I need help. I want to go shoe shopping somewhere else besides Target. I do love you Target, but shopping for diapers & shoes at the same place is not what I want to do.  I must.get.out.soon. {& my response to high heels---I swoon over J. Crew's flats--amen}

I am sleep deprived as every other mother is with a newborn. If I could have one superpower it would be to be able to get by on 1 hour of sleep. These days I don't get out much so I stock coffee & my creamer of choice, Skinny Caramel Macchiato by that creamer company. I can't think of it at the moment, please refer to my sleep deprived sentence above.
{sorry, but there is no app that delivers Starbucks in those famous white paper cups to your home--how I wish it were so}

However, I have managed to work on McMaster & Storm..........more on that later.......
Vivi is wanting to be fed now, I mean right a by-by!*

please disregard any grammar, spelling, etc.....please blame it on my sleep deprivation.


Mary said...

Motherhood is a tough job and being sleep deprived is certainly not fun. You never realize how wonderful it is to just sleep through the night until you can't anymore. Love your online shop and your blog :)

alee said...

hey K...
thinking of you & V. :)If only there was a way to enjoy our sweet little babies without being sleep deprived :).
Blessings to you...

Jerusalem said...

oh good ole sleep deprevation. how I don't miss it! lol.
Can't wait to see everything finished and the shoppe update!