Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graduation gift wrapped........{1 more to go, eeeek}
Strawberry shortcake with a layer of fresh whipped cream.........{yum}
My dad's 66th birthday.................{A milk bucket from his childhood, filled with soda.}
1 of 4 Clover & Bee projects we completed..........{this one is now up here!}
Last Saturday Jill & I hauled these 3 stinkers, oops I mean cuties to town...............{Luke was in heaven with these two girlies. I thought he would never calm down, he was so excited. Usually it's just mom & him.}
I came home to a laid, salvaged wood floor after shopping..................{Thanks Travis & Matt!!}

Now for sanding and putting the finish on. Really, all the fun things now---walls, bead-board ceiling, trim & decorating-- woohoo

I researched whitewashing for the boards to go on the walls. I'm so happy to have finally decided on this--paint, whitewash, paint.........{Whitewash it is! & thanks to those that put their 2 cents into that decision, I'm grateful!}

Darcy's coming tomorrow---the first since before her back incident. She is doing well, mobile and slowing getting into the groove of things. 

I need to clean, clean the upstairs so we can get inspired and get things done. We have been putting things off for far too long. We are working on something and fingers crossed we'll get to share with you next week.

k & d too


Gretchen said...

The Clover and Bee project is so cute, I love the colors! You are both so creative and talented!


Wendy said...

Everything is so lovely. Someone is going to be very happy with that gift! And the cake, yum!

Jill Elaine said...

can't wait to see that floor finished! you will love it, i'm really into mine!! Reclaimed is the best:) Our shopping day was fun, I'm glad I got the light bulb!! got some fun ideas for it. For now it is on a shelf in my 'new' room:) Have fun with Darcy, tell her HI from me and that I haven't forgotten her, I'm just so swamped I dont' know if I'm coming or going!

Teresa said...

oh that floor that floor that floor!!! GA!!! Love it!!

Jeanneoli said...

You never get so much done! I wanted to tell you that my bedding is Carolyn Westbrook:-)