Tents {historically accurate}

Sunday, July 29, 2012

On Saturday we headed to Greenville, Ohio and was smitten by these tents. They were celebrating the War of 1812. {Gathering at the Garst Museum} I have had my eye on purchasing a historical accurate tent. One summer {2001} Matt & I explored Valley Forge and in the museum there sat George Washington's amazing tent he used.

Come to find out--you can have similar period & marquee tents made here & here. I am smitten with old trades, i.e. tent makers among other trades.  {I'm certain some of the tents there this past weekend were made by one of these companies.}
There was open fire cooking, folks dressed in costume. Vendors were selling historically accurate patterns + cloth & other things of interest for the time period. Oh my, I picked out a "pin-cloth" pattern for Vivian. I mentally sketched how & what I would do with it!
I have more photos and am so excited to know there is another historical fair celebrating the War of 1812 coming up. I was informed it's a juried show, the vendors/living history storytellers must be approved, so it's not "hokey"--- it's a festival with period accuracy.{and a much larger fair of this sort}I'm intrigued I think I found another place to gather inspiration. Labor day weekend you'll find our family at this event at the George Rogers Clark Park September 1st & 2nd. {1812 Fair New Boston}

I had a customer who would come in to buy our trims & vintage items when we had our brick & mortar, as she was a period costume seamstress.  I loved her stories & her taste. {Beverly I hope to see you!}

Do you love history?

Hello! Sew a Fine Seam {Q&A}

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

 {via pinterest}

Hi Jill! Happy to have you over here!

////Here is a Q&A with the gal behind Sew a Fine Seam////

1. Tell us a little about yourself.......
Hello!  I am Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam - 'the one who sews'.  And
designs and dreams and decorates.  I have known Kara IRL(in real life) for
years.  Our husbands are related so that makes the friend bond even
stronger!  I have been sewing almost all my life, which has given me the
practice and knowledge it takes to do a really 'fine' job.  I delight in
designing the items I create.  I love to get to know a client by digging
through their blog and asking them questions about what they like or don't
like and then designing something just for them.  When it involves wonderful
fabrics like fine linen and cotton and especially vintage fabrics I am truly
in my element!  Drop cloths are another medium that is a favorite.
Custom shades by Sew a Fine Seam.
I choose 100% linen with a heavy lining for durability.

2. How long have you been sewing for clients? What is your favorite sewing

I began sewing for someone besides myself when I was about 15 - the items
were for my younger sister!  My first paying client was when The Teenager
was around 2 so that would be 11 years ago.  My favorite sewing tip is that
your iron is your best friend and your most important tool.  Buy a good one.

3. What inspires you?

Vintage fabrics + fine fabrics like linen and high end cotton, ribbons,
vintage lace, looking at beautiful magazines and blogs, scouring the flea
for fun vintage finds, and my friends!  Oh and some good music never hurts!

4. Tell us a little about your Etsy shop, Sew a Fine Seam.

I just recently filled the shop up with a
variety of handmade items plus a few vintage finds just for fun.  I have a
couple promotional things in the works. I'm excited to see the fabric "unfold" in my new business venture! {pun intended}

{My farmhouse window with timeless linen shades}
I have ultra narrow farmhouse windows so even with Google searches, I could not locate the size 
I needed so......Jill made these custom blinds. I cannot wait to get all of them up!

5. Sew a Fine Seam just recently branded into a business, where do you want
to end up with this endeavor?

I have been pretty overwhelmed with the way my business has unfolded over
the past 6 months.  In January I began the move from blogger to WordPress.
Also earlier this year I began to use the social media outlets more.  I
created a FB page for Sew a Fine Seam.  I changed my twitter account to Sew
a Fine Seam.  I applied for a vendors license, and began setting everything
up as a real business.  The icing on the cake was winning a giveaway for
free business card design and printing!  My designer, Reni from Bliss and
Tell, used images I was already using in my blog design to create a stunning
business card and an Etsy banner.  It all blends together very well and I am
over-the-moon about it.  As to where I want to end up - I would love to have
opportunities to make over a whole room or rooms for clients.  Slipcovers,
d├ęcor, curtains, pillows, styling - I love it all.  I would also love to do
more bridal sewing - I dream of making the dresses for the whole bridal
party - not sure that is possible but hey I can dream!!  I am leaving it in
the hands of my GOD.  He has brought me this far and I have no doubt He will
not leave me now, no matter what the future might look like for me and my

6. What advice would you give to other gals thinking of starting a business?
If it is something you love - go for it!  Pray about it and when you feel
peace over decisions - move forward!  You may not always have a clear
picture of exactly where you are going but I have found that through prayer
and trusting in Him, I am given peace about which direction to take.  That
is not to say I have not made mistakes in the past or that I won't again but
just keep going back to the Source of truth and peace! Ask questions, get
out there and make new friends, and most of all, don't be afraid to do some
self-promoting - it is essential in this technological world we live in!

Thank you, Kara, for featuring my work and for allowing me to tell a little
bit about myself here on your blog!  You are the one who introduced me to
blogging and your blog was the first one I ever read!  Thanks bunches:)

French Flea {Horton's Tipton IN}

Friday, July 20, 2012

I spy a cute couch, vintage nonetheless--grey & gold.  {Hot House Market}
D. Reyne's booth--I wish I had more photos of her clever walls.

Damask Designs & Co.! They had pretty grey ribbon streamers draped up in the top of their tent. I purchased a swell wood container that I must share. They had a darling display......
Do you go to the flea for food & treats? {& of course the thrill of the hunt, no?!}

Ok, a lot of pics of the sewing machine display. I loved how Rebecca presented her style. What is it about the loveliness of old sewing machines? I so wish the new ones could have a more vintage look with the technology, of course. I hide my Viking machine under it's cover. It's just not cute! lol
Creating is a part of a lot of us.......

I could eat this display! This is unique and tells such a story.
Another one! {I know, but look at the ribbon, look, look!}
More simple thread on spools in this hanging lantern.

Chalk paint--by the way did you know there is this cool gilding wax to go over this paint? I'm totally into it & just discovered it here.
Barb of Joyful Living....texted me the night before. "I have the fixins' for turkey/pesto on focaccia if that suits let me know"! Ummm, my larder was empty and a picnic sounded peachy!

So, she packed up this basket with a grande picnic. Or is it pic-nique?
I texted Matt and said I need some iced coffee drinks & Izze to bring along! He replied "you mean high calorie drinks?" Haha, I said, of course shopping is work.

Pasta salad in the best jam ever jars! Save em'---Barb even claims her parents drink out of them when visiting.

We dined alfresco in the Tipton park and it was a beautiful Midwest park......in the shade did we partake of our yum & cute to boot meal.
Do you like to picnic? I think having your basket at the ready is a good idea......keep linens and silverware, etc all ready to go. Please do enjoy these summer months.....before fall breezes in with chilly air.

Thanks to Jill, she got us together to go......{we had a wee one along too, Barb's daughter Ilsa!}

Have a lovely weekend ahead!

Summer Fete 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here is our summer evening dinner that was held on June 29th 2012. {Amazingly, after the worst storm that Ohio has seen in a long time} Our electricity flickered, but never went out. So here it is in magazine form! Thanks to the duo at Molly Dues Photography, we plugged away for a crazy amount of hours yesterday. I just gave advice and tried to take it all in, definitely a learning curve. Eventually, I hope I can master this format! It takes a team to do some of these projects! The more the merrier, right? Enjoy---

On another note: Anne- Marie of Na Da Farm will be planning a dinner in Illinois.... We will be sharing her evening with you as well! Cheers! Kara

This Land is Your Land........

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

 Happy 4th of July......
Wheat in our garden still golden hued........
Iced coffee with my one of my favorite herbs, chocolate mint. {It's truly a hot & humid summer day here in Ohio!}

I spotted the new video created for the release of the summer issue of Kinfolk. Well done and a must see! It starts with "Summer after all is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people".....{Kinfolk video for Issue No. 4}

Enjoy your day--May it be sparkly & bright........

Let's Build a Wall!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

 Mission:  Security wall around an Uganda orphanage needs to be finished so the children can move in. {for safety of supplies and overall protection}

 I received this email today and I'm sharing it with you because I have talked to Kimberly's mother on the phone after I contacted her via email. I loved her story and how she came into contact with Edwin in Uganda. Wanting to help, Barb told me "Kara, you have little children your mission is them right now". Then I heard a sermon at our church and the minister told us some needs to be met "right now" this is one of them. I felt a burden on my heart about this cause. Then to boot 2 weeks after the sermon Kimberly sends out an email. Ok, Lord I hear you!!! So, let's raise some money for this orphanage. Below, Kimberly has links posted to read more about this amazing story.

Another note: We have an idea for a fundraiser here in Ohio. I sent an email to another gal and once I hear that it is a go......we will need volunteers!!! 

Watch this video from Barb's Blog 


 {email from Kimberly Taylor, Barb's daughter I received this evening, July 3rd 2012}
Dear friends,

I am writing you not for myself, but for a cause that I hold very dear to my heart.  My mom is building an orphanage in Uganda, Africa and I am so proud of her.  She has worked so hard, baking banana bread to sell to raise funds, as well as starting a blog to share their progress and in hopes that people will want to help.  It has been a long journey but she is still going strong and so very excited for the day that they can move these homeless parent less children into the house.  Right now the one thing standing in their way is the completion of a security wall which will enclose the entire compound.  Without the wall they are unable to move these kids in to the house that they have worked so hard to build. 

Last week we began an online campaign to raise the funds needed to finish the wall.  While the orphanage itself will be a lifelong labor of love for my mom, this wall is crucial in getting these children into their first real home, with regular meals, clothing, and hopes for an education.  I am so incredibly excited about it, and know that we can do it!

The reason I am appealing to all of you is that your voice carries far and wide in the social media realm.  What I need right now is to get the word out that this online fundraiser is active and that we really need to raise these last funds to complete this project.  I know it is a lot to ask of you- as it isn't your mission, your goal, or your cause.  But I ask you for these children- some of whom you can meet on my mom's blog here~ http://jaajabarbshomeofangels.blogspot.com/

I would be forever grateful if you would be willing to do a simple post on your website.  I have provided all the links you might need below.   If you have a facebook or twitter following, a post with a link to the fundraising site - found here - http://www.indiegogo.com/homeofangelsorphanage  - would also be so very appreciated.  I would never ask this for myself, but these kids- you should see their smiles when my mom arrives with dresses and pencils and toothbrushes.  It takes so little to change their lives in such a big way. 

I have posted about this here - http://kimberlytaylorimages.com/would-you-buy-me-a-coffee/  I would only ask that you read my post, take from it what you will, and consider doing one of your own.  I would also be so incredibly grateful if you would spread the word to those you know who might also be able to get the word out.  The further we spread this, the sooner we can get these kids into their first beds, where they will wake every morning to breakfast - something they have never experienced.  It's going to be incredible when that day arrives.

My mom - Barb Giraud's site:  http://jaajabarbshomeofangels.blogspot.com/

News coverage in Canada: http://www.bclocalnews.com/news/135261153.html

The online fundraiser: http://www.indiegogo.com/homeofangelsorphanage

My post: http://kimberlytaylorimages.com/would-you-buy-me-a-coffee/

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have~ again, I am so very grateful for anything that you are able to do.

Thank you my friends,


Summer Fete {Tips 2.}

 {note: This party is part of a collaboration with Anne-Marie of Na Da Farm. We were going to have dinners the same evening; her in Illinois & me in Ohio. Her husband ending up going out of town. So she will have hers mid- July and then we will post all our details, pictures and menus then!}

The dinner party from last Friday--- hmmmm, so you want details. Some of you wondered about the storm. Yes, the storm that produced 80 mph winds. The storm that was like the hurricane winds of 2008 at the Country Living Fair! The details.......

Matt arrived home around 3pm on Friday 6/29/12 and checked the weather and told us you have 20 to 30 minutes before this severe storm moves in. We had set the table and taken things out that could be done before 7:30 when the guests arrived. Anyhoo, we trucked all the stuff back inside and the storm came promptly. Snapped off a cherry tree and had us wondering about our backup plan.

Our lights flickered but, never went out. {some are still without electricity!}
Matt checked weather again & again and told us to proceed the storm would possibly be well gone by 7:30. The temperature dropped 15 degrees, it was so hot earlier and then it had me wondering if I should serve coffee instead of slush. For awhile after it was slightly chilly!

The guests arrived the sun peeked through and we had a party & a campfire! We snuck in a dinner party between 2 storms as is rained again in the night around 1am-2am!

Driving around the countryside the last couple of days I have seens barn roofs off, trees out & telephone poles leaning. Tons of sticks and debris in yards. I still cannot believe we had electricity as I needed to cook some of the food for that night. We grilled the main dish so that would've not been an issue!

Note: We needed the rain badly here in our area of Ohio. It was not looking good for the crops and the day before the storm no rain was called for. WE are blessed to have the rain! We praise the Lord for blessing us and I wasn't even worried about the party.

Tips {Part 2}
1. Prep all your food the day before or the morning of. Cutting & chopping ahead makes everything go smoother.
2. Need extra shelves in your fridge? I put an extra cookie sheet on top of a bowl{s} of prepped food then I can put more things on the cookie sheet. This has been an incredible help. I do have an extra fridge in our shed but, even that can get full. Watermelons, drinks etc take up room. Filing a cooler with ice will help you out too!
3. Make lists of your food you are going to serve. I have forgotten things and left them in the fridge before!
4. Have a pretty towel and/or a vintage linen and new soaps for your sink in kitchen & bath. Instant TA-DA.
 5. Don't schedule a lot of other things the week of! I did, my kids had VBS and then 2 other things I had to work around. I took a nap today as I was getting cross-eyed!

I received a fun and handy hostess gift from Jill........
& fresh strawberry jam from Gina! Thanks girls!

A smaller tree-that snapped from the winds........