Let's Build a Wall!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

 Mission:  Security wall around an Uganda orphanage needs to be finished so the children can move in. {for safety of supplies and overall protection}

 I received this email today and I'm sharing it with you because I have talked to Kimberly's mother on the phone after I contacted her via email. I loved her story and how she came into contact with Edwin in Uganda. Wanting to help, Barb told me "Kara, you have little children your mission is them right now". Then I heard a sermon at our church and the minister told us some needs to be met "right now" this is one of them. I felt a burden on my heart about this cause. Then to boot 2 weeks after the sermon Kimberly sends out an email. Ok, Lord I hear you!!! So, let's raise some money for this orphanage. Below, Kimberly has links posted to read more about this amazing story.

Another note: We have an idea for a fundraiser here in Ohio. I sent an email to another gal and once I hear that it is a go......we will need volunteers!!! 

Watch this video from Barb's Blog 


 {email from Kimberly Taylor, Barb's daughter I received this evening, July 3rd 2012}
Dear friends,

I am writing you not for myself, but for a cause that I hold very dear to my heart.  My mom is building an orphanage in Uganda, Africa and I am so proud of her.  She has worked so hard, baking banana bread to sell to raise funds, as well as starting a blog to share their progress and in hopes that people will want to help.  It has been a long journey but she is still going strong and so very excited for the day that they can move these homeless parent less children into the house.  Right now the one thing standing in their way is the completion of a security wall which will enclose the entire compound.  Without the wall they are unable to move these kids in to the house that they have worked so hard to build. 

Last week we began an online campaign to raise the funds needed to finish the wall.  While the orphanage itself will be a lifelong labor of love for my mom, this wall is crucial in getting these children into their first real home, with regular meals, clothing, and hopes for an education.  I am so incredibly excited about it, and know that we can do it!

The reason I am appealing to all of you is that your voice carries far and wide in the social media realm.  What I need right now is to get the word out that this online fundraiser is active and that we really need to raise these last funds to complete this project.  I know it is a lot to ask of you- as it isn't your mission, your goal, or your cause.  But I ask you for these children- some of whom you can meet on my mom's blog here~ http://jaajabarbshomeofangels.blogspot.com/

I would be forever grateful if you would be willing to do a simple post on your website.  I have provided all the links you might need below.   If you have a facebook or twitter following, a post with a link to the fundraising site - found here - http://www.indiegogo.com/homeofangelsorphanage  - would also be so very appreciated.  I would never ask this for myself, but these kids- you should see their smiles when my mom arrives with dresses and pencils and toothbrushes.  It takes so little to change their lives in such a big way. 

I have posted about this here - http://kimberlytaylorimages.com/would-you-buy-me-a-coffee/  I would only ask that you read my post, take from it what you will, and consider doing one of your own.  I would also be so incredibly grateful if you would spread the word to those you know who might also be able to get the word out.  The further we spread this, the sooner we can get these kids into their first beds, where they will wake every morning to breakfast - something they have never experienced.  It's going to be incredible when that day arrives.

My mom - Barb Giraud's site:  http://jaajabarbshomeofangels.blogspot.com/

News coverage in Canada: http://www.bclocalnews.com/news/135261153.html

The online fundraiser: http://www.indiegogo.com/homeofangelsorphanage

My post: http://kimberlytaylorimages.com/would-you-buy-me-a-coffee/

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have~ again, I am so very grateful for anything that you are able to do.

Thank you my friends,