Pop-up Shops Sept. 23rd & 24th 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We've been pricing away and doing a million-and-one things behind the scenes. Luke started kindergarten yesterday, so far so good. Matt & I get him to bed early and he doesn't mind as the day is big, all day every day kindergarten. He is excited about it, so that helps!


An Event.......

Sunday, August 28, 2011

is more fun with lots of places to shop & to eat!
Did we mention we have vendors selling lots of goodies for lunch, dinner & snacks in between.....
Photo above of lawn between the historical properties of The Little Shop {25 years} & The Baltimore Shop {47 years}. A hop and a skip from our "Brick Farmhouse Event".

Are you coming?  September 23rd & 24th.

In the Countryside.......

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A pretty, pretty view. My dad's field of soybeans......simple beauty.

Are you coming? September 23rd & 24th

I spy.......

Friday, August 26, 2011

Laundry {Picture #1}

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Her day is filled with laundering textiles; she hurriedly gathers her french laundry basket to collect the linens off the line, so she can enjoy a seemingly simple afternoon in the countryside. She is in a dither over going to the charming brick farmhouse event that is "on the way to nowhere and out of the way from everywhere!"

See you in September
at the McMaster & Storm Brick Farmhouse Event
Details here!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New "old" table takes center stage....Brick Farmhouse Event 9/23 & 9/24
The harvest table, gather around dear friends........

Almost midweek and pausing to thank those who are helping behind the scenes--event is one month away.

My husband for building the table, a massive table built totally out of salvaged lumber. Thanks to St. Vincent's Deconstruction depot and our neighbors, the Stewart's for the barn beams from a building they were tearing down! Galvanized carriage bolts and tons of wood preserver + my husband's handiwork keep this table together. We wanted this table to sit year round between our old mulberry trees. 

{& to my husband again for painting, planting & going along with it.  The list is slowly, but surely getting crossed off.}

Katie Runnels for sending me an email just when I needed it! Your talent is amazing and so fun to work with.

Darcy for helping with the verbage about doing the laundry on our flyer. She also headed to a warehouse with me to "dig" and both my boys went along. On the bridge in Cincy, a delivery truck ran into us. EEEEK,  no one was hurt, thankfully. {except our car, eeek} Police said car was fine to drive on and what an adventure and a long day.

Jill for helping with the photo shoot and a zillion other things. 

My mother-in-law who has always picked up my kidlets on Wednesdays ever since Luke was born.
It takes a village as they say.

My mom & dad for letting me dig in their barns.....

To our amazing vendors! From fresh Mexican tacos as authentic as the chef Athena is, to industrial style to home keeping goods to vintage finds and lots in between! As our flyer states "hats off to vendors selling a mix of things new & old"! {& they are nice as pie to boot!}

An event is not complete without shopping, eating & snacking and shopping--you get the point.
Looks like we'll even have entertainment Friday evening!! Some music & singing to celebrate!
{We have 4 vendors making -and- baking- and- making- and -baking! Plenty of good eats.}

Wrapping up a million and one things these next couple of days as McMaster & Storm has a 20x20 tent to fill! We need to get seeds pronto for fall planting in our garden as some vendors will be "in the garden"........

Oh, let's not forget demonstrations! More on that later.......

Sneek Peek

Friday, August 19, 2011

Julie the darling model for our Brick Farmhouse Event!
Fingers crossed, soon we'll have a fun online magazine for you to get inspired by!


Vivi's 1st Birthday Party

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vivi Miette almost one, August 22nd. I took her pics a wee bit early, when you're a mom to 3 it's just that way--otherwise 5 years would fly by! :)

When it comes to parties I have lots of ideas, but only 2% of them get executed. Crepe paper looks fine
rolled up on the table. Ribbon is peachy draped through the chandelier. Dollar General finds look great with Trader Joe's goodies. { Thank goodness I went to TJ's on Monday that task was done early.}

The day of the party, Saturday, I went to the grocery to get some basics that were needed. Big mistake and I know this! Always do your grocery shopping 1 day ahead.  I flew after getting home. Don't have time to wrap your daughter's present? Display it! Arranging containers of Dollar General assorted candies is quite fun. No time for treat bags? Let them bag their own. A young fellow at the party asked if he needed to pay for the candy. Story goes my Luke was playing candy store!

 No time to bake a cake? No worries, chocolate torte cake  compliments of TJ's! Add some hydrangea petals and they sing! Don't have time to finish the laundry? Don't sweat it!  Good friends don't mind the pile of laundry in the bedroom, just post a "no trespassing" sign on the door! {I didn't really stick a sign, other moms totally understand laundry piles!}

The table was set and the food was out in a jiffy & we had cake!
We sang and celebrated her first year.......

Our one-year- old happy as can be--
she is a joy, a blessing from above! 

 Remember my baking episode in trying French macaroons for the first time. Well, my dear friends I
think TJ's French macaroons make up for it. Since they are about .45 cents a piece, I just might truly throw in the towel and forget about making them again!

Childhood is magical. The joy they get out of simple things; running, blowing plastic whistles and party blowers do just the trick.

Miss Viv liking her cake and about ready to get a bath.
{and the dress a dose of stain remover!}

Zach enjoying every bite, that evening.......

Hop & a skip, blink-of-an-eye they grow up.
Evenings like this make time stand still.

From Grandma Karen--the bakery where I discovered that Miette was a girl's name.......Meg Ryan's creations all in a book that has scalloped pages. Thanks Meg! {hmmm, there is that recipe in there for French macaroons, just maybe I will try again!}Maybe.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

On Friday I had amazing day--tons of inspiration and no, it wasn't at Anthro either. Darcy was in Michigan, so my mom came along {yaay}! Part of this day will be shared with you the beginning of September in Souvenir!

Also, we have fun news, at our Brick Farmhouse Event, we will have great snacks, sweets, treats AND  an authentic Mexican taco stand! Yum, it's amazing how much talent is right around you. We hope to roll out some fun marketing for the event towards the end of next week. Stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekend--

Mostly Done Laundry Room

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Laundry room waiting on the last two things:
sink needs to be installed {most likely after our event :) }
the back door painted.
{slate grey}

Waiting on a sink where ironing board is, I found one
digging in my dad's barn it needs some work, but I think 
it's the look I want!

Love work boots! 

My tool box--from my mom Christmas 2010. One of my favorite gifts.

"Limelight" Hydrangea

I caught up with Tracey this past weekend, a fun chat--fun to meet up!
One of 3 of my top favorite flowers.

& for Tracey too!