Vivian Miette

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pink, Pink & more Pink!
It's a girl!

Vivian Miette born
August 22nd & on Darcy's daughter's birthday!

Vivian means "full of life" & Miette means "small sweet thing" or "little crumb".  I suppose she'll get called "Vivi" as well. 

We were pleased as punch to have a girl and the sweetest thing is we didn't find out. We are so blessed to have a healthy baby girl.

& in loving memory of Vivian Kate Colombo, another reason this name is so loved......

{yes, I'll post pictures of her soon}

Ice cream!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It is the dog days of summer------head to the freezer section and grab some pints of dairy delights! {a current fave, pistachio ice cream at meijer}
Grab some vintage music sheets and wrap around containers.....tie with pink ribbon.......
Signage, bowls and wooden spoons to serve.........
Garnish with mint and this is sure to hit the spot, spot today...........

{no baby yet! I'm due August 30th..... I will just have to sit tight & eat some ice cream!}

k & d too


Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer is about gathering at friends {Jill's fun party}
We sure love ribbon the colors of gelato tucked in clear bags..........
Summer is all about water...........
Boards are up on walls & ceiling-----I can't believe it! Now for the closet & wall by washer & dryer............
Sink & faucet are picked out, I'll show you soon what I decided on. Part of taking so long was meeeee! I take forever making decisions especially when it comes to a room that we'll use a ton.

I posted today's date in the title as I was hoping to have a baby on this day. 8/9/10 now isn't that swell! Well, it hasn't happened yet! 
It's been a relaxing summer as I have been taking it easy. There has been some flurry in getting baby's room together and getting Zach's new bed set up. I need the crib for the new little one! 
The fuss has been that I have had severe pregnancy insomnia since about the 2nd week of June.
The lack of sleep drives me crazy, and I'm amazed what I have gotten accomplished.  There are some days I just sit a lot and watch the boys play.