Summer Fun

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our wedding inspiration board we put together for Maggie.
We had a ball getting creative {it's been a loooong time} & using our supplies to come up with a "Michigan meets Ohio meets stripe-y straws meets humor meets burlap/linen----you get the picture "true love"!

This & that........
{Please someone buy us a real camera HINT}
Petite trifles for favors, toppings, packaging, you name it----we found it.
Maggie & Cort getting hitched 9/4/10
Last Friday headed to a quilting show,  I was more interested peeking at Vogue fabric's booth.

{They have locations in Chicago}
There was also a darling dealer there selling vintage buttons, all arranged by color. {swoon}

Worth paying for the admission was finding this brochure as we left, The Iron Horse. Forget eating at Ikea, it was so worth it!

We drove a few miles South to Glendale and found this "farm to table" restaurant. They make everything from scratch. Lunch prices were friendly and I was content to eat al fresco with my loved ones. I'm counting on heading back to this find.
Luke along for the ride........
My love affair with beets. {don't get me started} Baby arugula, goat cheese, red onions, golden & red beets with a scrumptious vinaigrette. 
Jill's "box" finished in summer red colors. {whew, took me long enough to scratch that "to do" off my list} Sorry, my dear, you have such a procrastinator for a friend.
See that little price-y thing-y tied on the box? Those will be for sale sometime in the next century on our website. {I know, I know things keep coming up and keep me sidetracked}
I was a happy mom to purchase this vinyl coated fabric. Perfect for my kidlets and summer picnic tables.

There among the plants & pot section at Ikea I ran into Amy B. She is calm, cool & collected and there I am flapping my arms as I chat away. I was glad to see her mom again as well. 

We're winding down towards the end of the week. This weekend hails celebratory festivities. Friday, Saturday & Sunday we'll join our comrades and munch, munch, munch. 

P.S. Did you know they make a 100% beef frank with nooooo nitrates. Yes, folks they do. Amen.

Happy 4th of July!!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graduation gift wrapped........{1 more to go, eeeek}
Strawberry shortcake with a layer of fresh whipped cream.........{yum}
My dad's 66th birthday.................{A milk bucket from his childhood, filled with soda.}
1 of 4 Clover & Bee projects we completed..........{this one is now up here!}
Last Saturday Jill & I hauled these 3 stinkers, oops I mean cuties to town...............{Luke was in heaven with these two girlies. I thought he would never calm down, he was so excited. Usually it's just mom & him.}
I came home to a laid, salvaged wood floor after shopping..................{Thanks Travis & Matt!!}

Now for sanding and putting the finish on. Really, all the fun things now---walls, bead-board ceiling, trim & decorating-- woohoo

I researched whitewashing for the boards to go on the walls. I'm so happy to have finally decided on this--paint, whitewash, paint.........{Whitewash it is! & thanks to those that put their 2 cents into that decision, I'm grateful!}

Darcy's coming tomorrow---the first since before her back incident. She is doing well, mobile and slowing getting into the groove of things. 

I need to clean, clean the upstairs so we can get inspired and get things done. We have been putting things off for far too long. We are working on something and fingers crossed we'll get to share with you next week.

k & d too

Company's Coming!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My agenda for May was cleaning & more cleaning + fluffing for company. Goodness, I was looking forward to seeing two of my peeps. We haven't seen them & their families for 3 years!

You know how it is, nothing like company coming to get a flurry of sprucing done! {ask my husband about this--I drove him nuts!}
This cabinet was painted french country reds, yellows, blue and it was ready for a fresh look. I was married in the late 90's and that look was everywhere! Remember when Toile fabric was a must? This silly thing took me forever to finish. I always think painting takes no time at all, ha!

1st, primer by Valspar to go over glossy finishes, as this had a wax finish on it. Then, 2 or was it 3 coats of paint? I then rubbed a brown stain over the entire thing---oops my husband did that. Last, putting a wax finish on it. {Note to self: finish as you only did part of it}
Jill of sew a fine seam made me new pillows. I choose linen fabric with a flat ruffle on the ones toward the back. The front ones have a simple piping. The middle long pillow was made with fabric I have had for 8 years. I purchased the fabric at one of Nell Hill's store in Kansas. Jill was actually with me & my mom on that trip. Good grief, took me long enough to use it. It's a good thing I still liked it!
My CA friends: Karen on the left & Joy on the right.  Darcy was able to pop in to visit too! 

Now onto finishing up some Clover & Bee projects.  Next week I will hopefully get back in gear with the website. That is bugging me immensely. {Note to self: you were supposed to have that task done already!}

Then there is the mudroom project........aaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkk! {at least the subfloor was put down before company came!}