Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kara feels like Dara in Domino magazine.......
you know the gal that would spot something and then try to
find it or something similar and feature it.
Although I don't have a source for this, you just need to
be at the right spot at the right time!

The story goes like this: approx 2 years ago I spotted these wooden scissors
in Pottery Barn, bookmarked the page and put it in a pile.
{don't you just love piles?}
Needless to say I forgot about it until I went through the pile!
I called and of course I waited way tooooo looooong!

I had envisioned it hanging above our ribbon area in the shop.
The catalog landed in the trash and on with life.
{you know how it goes}

I then spotted the scissors on a blog as this gal wrote about her
beloved scissors {right, Joni?} and how her son broke them
and her handy hubby fixed them.
I was annoyed, I had missed out on those scissors!
Well, I tried not to think about it!
{I said "tried"}

Anyway Darc & I ventured down to Live, Love, Scrap 3 days after I spotted these
on her blog {getting exciting}
I spotted the scissors!
Katie was nice enough to sell them to me!
{They were scissor-ed out! Now wait a minute
they are a scrapbooking store, they are never scissor-ed out!}

Anyway thanks a million Katie!

A love story {true to boot}
the end

I will show you my scissor collection someday
{Ok, I only have 2 pairs of rather large scissors}

coming this evening or {morning}
May Day Baskets!


Ice cream!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jeni's Ice cream has a blog!

Our favorite & in Ohio!

A New Store!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The pink doors from our former brick & mortar store have landed. They are in a {soon-to-open in a new location} darling scrapbook boutique. We got to see a sneak peek last week! The display cabinet also has a new spot there as well. Happy fluffing and we'll see you gals on your opening day.......May 9th. {live, love, scrap}
Wishing you all the best! {Downtown Fairborn, Ohio, 17 Main Street}

*note this is not our store!!!!! we are just promoting it. the gals that own it purchased some display pieces from our
former brick & mortar store. sorry for the confusion!*

Farmhouse Tale {Earth Day}

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When I called Darcy on Tuesday and asked how she was,
she replied......"cold".
"Why?" I said
"Well, we are out of propane and refuse to buy more at this point, she exclaimed &
the weather is supposed to be very warm by the end of the week, she said."
Darcy said, "I could take a hot bath, but then I would need to get out so what's the point of taking a hot bath!"
She then stated, "I even got back in bed and took a nap as it was nice and cozy under the blankets!"
Kudos to Darcy & her family for bundling up and using less energy.......

Now, here's a tour of her farmhouse:
Darcy's style: Antiquing meets garage sale meets Anthropologie meets Goodwill meets
McMaster & Storm meets trend-less, but timeless =Darcy

Here's a peek into Darcy's life in her farmhouse she shares with her loved ones!

"Come on in!" {Original door still in use saving trees!}
Vintage Dr.'s metal cabinet
Vintage light
Old display cabinet, base former Victoria's Secret display
{recycle, recycle}
Old bust, new lamp & pair of Domino style dogs: McMaster & Storm
Mirrored cabinet: garage sale
Dining table & chairs: consignment store
Buffet & display cabinet: found from a newspaper ad
Old store display stand
Wrought iron coffee table: vintage,
on top assortment of new & old finds
Chair found at Annie Oakley days $3.00

Old mirrors
Shower curtain: new, Anthropologie, shutters vintage
Vintage sheet music, cabinet made from old windows & lumber

Wine: a good vintage!!!!
Stainless steel table from an antique store
Dresser: Goodwill

Pair of matching chairs: Goodwill $9.00 a piece,
original spotless upholstry.
Tilly: new! Since Darcy isn't having any more children
she used her girl name for the doggie!

Vintage lamp FREE! Kara has the other matching lamp.
A lovely customer thought these looked just like us & boy was she right!
Rug: free
those chairs again!
Sofa new just refreshed with a canvas drop cloth from McMaster & Storm
{recycle, recycle}
Table: junking
Vintage white tablecloth

This is just a sampling of the many things that Darcy has found in odd, inexpensive places.
She buys what she loves..........

The End.

Where are Darcy & Kara?

Can you find Darcy & Kara?

Really we are here just flying around like crazy people. {Burping baby, feeding baby, lack of sleep, changing diapers is on Kara's full plate} {+ there's her 3 year old that is a busy bee} {Luke retorts- "Hey Mom, I woke Zach up!} arrrrrrrgh!
Darcy is on the other hand working on a project for the web boutique & involves her total concentration!

Meanwhile, how do all of you even twitter????????? I can't even manage to figure out to create a new folder on the mac + find the time to blog! I feel like I'm twittering all the time without twittering. Ok, I really had little sleep last night, I'm not even making sense!

Later on I have a funny post about Darcy and sorta involves Earth day without us even realizing it would make a perfect post. I will post this later on Farmhouse tales.

Must go and ship orders!

And She Was.........

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a little birdie told me....
"you will soon be 12".........
so I twirled and swirled in the meadow.........
let's climb the mossy woodland hill........
sweetly I step.........
lovely woodland discoveries......

let me have a closer look........

I took my "growing-up-too-fast" daughter for some photo shoots on Saturday. We had a ball just being spontaneous........
I let McKell edit her own pics, {with a tad bit of help} she loved doing this. She is 11 going on 12 in a few months. Wow, we must enjoy every sweet moment and let the times together be well loved. Enjoy every moment as youth will be a distant whisper someday.....


The Good News!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This weekend is pivotal for Christians in centuries past & present & future.............

We heard a beautiful message last evening and one of the main things that spoke volumes was our minister stated the world wants a Christ, but does not want a cross.

May you have a blessed weekend,

Today the Sun is Shining!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{Picture Kate Spade}

Oh, we needed this after our crazy April snow! We were checking out what Kate Spade was up to. We love her style.........although Liz Claiborne bought her company she's always done her own thing!

Luke broke our basic point & shoot camera! We have photos saved of Darcy's house so we'll get those on then it's time to buy a new one......we're branching out into a better camera! We think we want a Canon Rebel.
Any ideas? Do you have a favorite brand of camera???

Loving this song today!