Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kara feels like Dara in Domino magazine.......
you know the gal that would spot something and then try to
find it or something similar and feature it.
Although I don't have a source for this, you just need to
be at the right spot at the right time!

The story goes like this: approx 2 years ago I spotted these wooden scissors
in Pottery Barn, bookmarked the page and put it in a pile.
{don't you just love piles?}
Needless to say I forgot about it until I went through the pile!
I called and of course I waited way tooooo looooong!

I had envisioned it hanging above our ribbon area in the shop.
The catalog landed in the trash and on with life.
{you know how it goes}

I then spotted the scissors on a blog as this gal wrote about her
beloved scissors {right, Joni?} and how her son broke them
and her handy hubby fixed them.
I was annoyed, I had missed out on those scissors!
Well, I tried not to think about it!
{I said "tried"}

Anyway Darc & I ventured down to Live, Love, Scrap 3 days after I spotted these
on her blog {getting exciting}
I spotted the scissors!
Katie was nice enough to sell them to me!
{They were scissor-ed out! Now wait a minute
they are a scrapbooking store, they are never scissor-ed out!}

Anyway thanks a million Katie!

A love story {true to boot}
the end

I will show you my scissor collection someday
{Ok, I only have 2 pairs of rather large scissors}

coming this evening or {morning}
May Day Baskets!



Joni said...

Love the scissors! Keep them HIGH out of Luke and Zach's reach. I believe my sister found mine at the PB Outlet last fall. My plan is to mount them on the wall above window in sewing room. Congrats on the find and thanks for the link. I feel so honored.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

How funny! I actually did buy those wooden scissors from Pottery Barn when they still sold them, and had I known you were so smitten by them and so longing for them, I probably would have packed mine up and just given them to you! :)

Maybe we bloggers should all start posting on-going "wish lists" on our sidebars and start a blogger's swap! :)

Glad your scissors found their way to you!


Sew a Fine Seam said...

OOOH I am sooo jelous! I've wanted those scissors for my sewing room ever since I saw them too. Sigh, could't justify spending the money then, so I will forever be without... boohoo!

Tara said...

I just love when you find what you have been hunting for!! Love those scissors, even though I have a hard time spelling it!

Anonymous said...

But are they left-handed ????!!!

Unknown said...

You can also find unfinished wood scissors at Hobby Lobby!