Simon & Cricker's Westy Adventure

Sunday, May 24, 2009

If you're tired of peeking on us!

meanwhile, here's something to peek at......

2 boys {I mean "guys", what was I thinking}

heading west

in a restored "tricked out" VW bus

across our country VA to CA

perfect citrus-y yellow color {so kate spade}

pop -up -thing-y on top is too cute.....

please wish them well

{we don't know them personally} although I'm sure they are heading to our church
conference out west.

{just through joni, and she's tired of waiting on our big change!}

this reminds me of my {kara's} big adventure west in 1994

don't you just love their title!

send them wishes please, this is too cute!

& yes, for those wondering if we're ok...we are!
keep peeking!

Changing Directions

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

{kara's 1860 farmhouse steps}

Change is good!
Keep peeking.......

Good Morning Sunshine!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Buy "punch" balloons today and punch away
it's a blast! {for the mom too!}
Good Morning Sunshine!

Cute to boot!
flamingo garland
available soon!

Happy Mother's Day!
k + d

Thank You Kindly! {Scissors again!}

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yes, it's been a scissor week & a half!

Kara: "Hey, Darcy don't you just love the package you received in the mail?"

Darcy: "Why, yes indeed do-da yippe yay!"

Kara: "Are you just tickled pink?"

Darcy: "I'm just flabbergasted"!

{When Ruth of The Beautiful Life left a comment about having another pair of
scissors like the ones Kara found---Darcy sighed and said she would love a pair}

{unknown to Darcy, Ruth e-mailed and said she would send them
to Darcy as a gift! Kara kept this from Darcy}

"Done!" e-mailed Ruth

Darcy: "Thank you so much for the lovely, thoughtful & generous gift!"

You never know when you're going to get a
special parcel on your doorstep!
Don't you just love "love mail"!!!

Hel-la-bo-bo! 1902.
Win or bust! yell we must!
{Urbana, Ohio Senior class yell...
found in some vintage ephemera that we found}

good night
k + d

P.S. Carnival Embellishments are back in stock.....
the ribbons will vary slightly. The yellow scallop
will be the same though.
Enjoy & thank you for the sweet e-mails & orders

More Treats!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finally! Hard to find scalloped fabric scissors.
These are high quality which = not made in China.
They have a delightful red handle.
We have looked a long time for these.

Hand-colored ribbon, other colors available.
Bundles of 5 yards & tied with a swan carriage tag.
A McMaster & Storm exclusive.

I promise I will finish more new products tonight!
I'm off to the grocery store and zach wanted to be held
which = he didn't nap much today!

Sold Out! We'll be Restocking!

{Carnival Embellishments}
thank you......more to come!

New Treats!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We have some new things to upload the rest of this week!
Watch Daily......

Happy May Day Baskets {endeavors}

Friday, May 1, 2009

Making May Day Baskets!

Make petite banner flags and fasten around
a decorative toothpick.
We used pink & white banners from Martha Stewart.
We picked up these sweet petite baskets from the $1.00 spot
at Target. We bought extra to use in organization as well.
Fill with shred add a sweet ribbon for a handle.
We used our number ribbon for the "1st of May"!
Use a decorative paper punch and punch two designs out.
Put the wrong sides together. Add a brad near the top of medallion, we used our petite diamond brad.
Now you have a card-like tag. Open.......
Add a second banner and use a corsage pin and poke through.....
Write a sentiment of your choice on banner.
Turn over and secure pin we used tiny vintage style tape to keep pin
from poking your recipients fingers!
Use a tiny hole punch to punch through medallion and
tie with twine through hole onto front of basket.
Put fresh flowers into basket, we used fragrant Viburnum.
Lilly- of- the -Valley would be lovely too......
Stick the banner into flowers.
{We tied a ribbon around toothpick and stamped
a hand holding a bird onto banner......
Ready to tuck on a special friend's doorknob,
now quick hurry away, don't let them see you!
The hand that gives is always blessed........

Happy May Day to all our friends!