Hello! Sew a Fine Seam {Q&A}

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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Hi Jill! Happy to have you over here!

////Here is a Q&A with the gal behind Sew a Fine Seam////

1. Tell us a little about yourself.......
Hello!  I am Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam - 'the one who sews'.  And
designs and dreams and decorates.  I have known Kara IRL(in real life) for
years.  Our husbands are related so that makes the friend bond even
stronger!  I have been sewing almost all my life, which has given me the
practice and knowledge it takes to do a really 'fine' job.  I delight in
designing the items I create.  I love to get to know a client by digging
through their blog and asking them questions about what they like or don't
like and then designing something just for them.  When it involves wonderful
fabrics like fine linen and cotton and especially vintage fabrics I am truly
in my element!  Drop cloths are another medium that is a favorite.
Custom shades by Sew a Fine Seam.
I choose 100% linen with a heavy lining for durability.

2. How long have you been sewing for clients? What is your favorite sewing

I began sewing for someone besides myself when I was about 15 - the items
were for my younger sister!  My first paying client was when The Teenager
was around 2 so that would be 11 years ago.  My favorite sewing tip is that
your iron is your best friend and your most important tool.  Buy a good one.

3. What inspires you?

Vintage fabrics + fine fabrics like linen and high end cotton, ribbons,
vintage lace, looking at beautiful magazines and blogs, scouring the flea
for fun vintage finds, and my friends!  Oh and some good music never hurts!

4. Tell us a little about your Etsy shop, Sew a Fine Seam.

I just recently filled the shop up with a
variety of handmade items plus a few vintage finds just for fun.  I have a
couple promotional things in the works. I'm excited to see the fabric "unfold" in my new business venture! {pun intended}

{My farmhouse window with timeless linen shades}
I have ultra narrow farmhouse windows so even with Google searches, I could not locate the size 
I needed so......Jill made these custom blinds. I cannot wait to get all of them up!

5. Sew a Fine Seam just recently branded into a business, where do you want
to end up with this endeavor?

I have been pretty overwhelmed with the way my business has unfolded over
the past 6 months.  In January I began the move from blogger to WordPress.
Also earlier this year I began to use the social media outlets more.  I
created a FB page for Sew a Fine Seam.  I changed my twitter account to Sew
a Fine Seam.  I applied for a vendors license, and began setting everything
up as a real business.  The icing on the cake was winning a giveaway for
free business card design and printing!  My designer, Reni from Bliss and
Tell, used images I was already using in my blog design to create a stunning
business card and an Etsy banner.  It all blends together very well and I am
over-the-moon about it.  As to where I want to end up - I would love to have
opportunities to make over a whole room or rooms for clients.  Slipcovers,
décor, curtains, pillows, styling - I love it all.  I would also love to do
more bridal sewing - I dream of making the dresses for the whole bridal
party - not sure that is possible but hey I can dream!!  I am leaving it in
the hands of my GOD.  He has brought me this far and I have no doubt He will
not leave me now, no matter what the future might look like for me and my

6. What advice would you give to other gals thinking of starting a business?
If it is something you love - go for it!  Pray about it and when you feel
peace over decisions - move forward!  You may not always have a clear
picture of exactly where you are going but I have found that through prayer
and trusting in Him, I am given peace about which direction to take.  That
is not to say I have not made mistakes in the past or that I won't again but
just keep going back to the Source of truth and peace! Ask questions, get
out there and make new friends, and most of all, don't be afraid to do some
self-promoting - it is essential in this technological world we live in!

Thank you, Kara, for featuring my work and for allowing me to tell a little
bit about myself here on your blog!  You are the one who introduced me to
blogging and your blog was the first one I ever read!  Thanks bunches:)


andrea creates said...

what beautiful curtains!
great interview... i've just visited her blog~

Sew a Fine Seam said...

Thank you Kara for such a lovely mention! Your dining room looks fabulous - Aren't you SO glad you painted your table and chairs?!

Tania Pelletier said...

Great interview and beautiful shades! I just recently discovered Jill's blog and immediately subscribed to her RSS feed. I'm an amateur sewer and she is a great inspiration! :o)


pam {simple details} said...

What a beautiful dining room! Love your linen shades and the way the light filters in. Jill's blog has been one of my daily reads for a long time, she couldn't be any sweeter or more encouraging!

Jennifer Carroll said...

great article! Thank you for giving us a peek behind the scenes of Jill's fabulous work!

Zach said...

Very creative poost