Tents {historically accurate}

Sunday, July 29, 2012

On Saturday we headed to Greenville, Ohio and was smitten by these tents. They were celebrating the War of 1812. {Gathering at the Garst Museum} I have had my eye on purchasing a historical accurate tent. One summer {2001} Matt & I explored Valley Forge and in the museum there sat George Washington's amazing tent he used.

Come to find out--you can have similar period & marquee tents made here & here. I am smitten with old trades, i.e. tent makers among other trades.  {I'm certain some of the tents there this past weekend were made by one of these companies.}
There was open fire cooking, folks dressed in costume. Vendors were selling historically accurate patterns + cloth & other things of interest for the time period. Oh my, I picked out a "pin-cloth" pattern for Vivian. I mentally sketched how & what I would do with it!
I have more photos and am so excited to know there is another historical fair celebrating the War of 1812 coming up. I was informed it's a juried show, the vendors/living history storytellers must be approved, so it's not "hokey"--- it's a festival with period accuracy.{and a much larger fair of this sort}I'm intrigued I think I found another place to gather inspiration. Labor day weekend you'll find our family at this event at the George Rogers Clark Park September 1st & 2nd. {1812 Fair New Boston}

I had a customer who would come in to buy our trims & vintage items when we had our brick & mortar, as she was a period costume seamstress.  I loved her stories & her taste. {Beverly I hope to see you!}

Do you love history?


Creative Wings Boutique said...

my husband lugs history so i have been getting more acquainted with it...looks like you had a wonderful weekend

Boxwood Cottage said...

Hi Kara is it? Yes I do love history and this is a gorgeous tent!
Just stopping by to say hello and intoduce me. I'm Carola from Boxwood Cottage in Bremen/Germany and your newest follower. I'm so charmed by your blog layout and your little shop. The name alone!
Sending you happy Summer wishes

Miss B. said...

I love history AND this resource! Wouldn't these be great for a special event?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kara,

I work with Beverly Smith, of Sycamore Spring Clothiers, and can confirm that she will be at the Fair at New Boston this year. Right after you come down the entrance hill, take a hard left, and her tent is nearly at the first bend in the road, on the left. She (and I) are big fans of McMaster & Storm, and will be happy to have you visit - and possibly recognize some of the trims you've sold her! Watch for Bev's own blog postings at http://sycamorespringsclothier.blogspot.com/, and her very inspiring Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/bevlynnsmith/?utm_source=sendgrid.com&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pinterest.com.

All the best -Julia Sutherly