French Flea {Horton's Tipton IN}

Friday, July 20, 2012

I spy a cute couch, vintage nonetheless--grey & gold.  {Hot House Market}
D. Reyne's booth--I wish I had more photos of her clever walls.

Damask Designs & Co.! They had pretty grey ribbon streamers draped up in the top of their tent. I purchased a swell wood container that I must share. They had a darling display......
Do you go to the flea for food & treats? {& of course the thrill of the hunt, no?!}

Ok, a lot of pics of the sewing machine display. I loved how Rebecca presented her style. What is it about the loveliness of old sewing machines? I so wish the new ones could have a more vintage look with the technology, of course. I hide my Viking machine under it's cover. It's just not cute! lol
Creating is a part of a lot of us.......

I could eat this display! This is unique and tells such a story.
Another one! {I know, but look at the ribbon, look, look!}
More simple thread on spools in this hanging lantern.

Chalk paint--by the way did you know there is this cool gilding wax to go over this paint? I'm totally into it & just discovered it here.
Barb of Joyful Living....texted me the night before. "I have the fixins' for turkey/pesto on focaccia if that suits let me know"! Ummm, my larder was empty and a picnic sounded peachy!

So, she packed up this basket with a grande picnic. Or is it pic-nique?
I texted Matt and said I need some iced coffee drinks & Izze to bring along! He replied "you mean high calorie drinks?" Haha, I said, of course shopping is work.

Pasta salad in the best jam ever jars! Save em'---Barb even claims her parents drink out of them when visiting.

We dined alfresco in the Tipton park and it was a beautiful Midwest the shade did we partake of our yum & cute to boot meal.
Do you like to picnic? I think having your basket at the ready is a good idea......keep linens and silverware, etc all ready to go. Please do enjoy these summer months.....before fall breezes in with chilly air.

Thanks to Jill, she got us together to go......{we had a wee one along too, Barb's daughter Ilsa!}

Have a lovely weekend ahead!


Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

such a cute and yummy picnic! would love to go to this flea someday!!

Keeping it Cozy said...

What a gorgeous picnic lunch! I save the jam jars for leftovers, but I love the idea of using them for something like this!

Anne Marie said...

we are always up for a moment's notic picnic...yours sounds perfect...

and I would have boughten that ribbon :)

Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

This was definitely a pic-nique!!! Wish I had some of that pasta salad right now - that stuff was yum-o!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

I wish I hadn't missed this one. I had family coming n had to get things ready ....the picnik looks amazing. I m definately looking forward to the holiday one. Hugs Tabitha...ur newest follower

Anonymous said...

hi Kara,

I want to wear your panties!