New Things......

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Italian glasses  SOLD OUT for milk or beverage of choice. {written in 6 languages around the glass} I decided something pink-ish red would look fun in the glass. Festive, festive. I'm loving the simple greenish-blue tinged glass and anything Italian right now. Timeless.
 For homemade vanilla & vinegars......Italian hermetic flasks.......
 Petite Italian serving pitcher....... love the 0,5 l written on the top front.
Italian measure pitcher......for dry & wet ingredients.......{perfect for fresh cut flowers, no?}

 Our wrapping project for Heather Bullard's Winter Souvenir........

Tiny Boxwood starts wrapped in burlap.........
We planted boxwood's {again} ;) This time we purchased starts and so easy to plant, especially when you plant lots.  Yes, I have a weakness for these!  I saved some that were left to wrap up and tie metallic gold string around. Christmas decorating is right around the bend for me.

My husband is off this week and I'm trying to get things uploaded. I worked on it today and it always takes longer than I think it will. I really miss having a store to merchandise. Uploading things online is a boring task {yawn}. I love taking the pics & styling, although I'm an amateur at it. 

I'm loving homemade croutons--simply the best & easy. {so yummy in soups} I just made some using focaccia bread and delish they were.
It's cloudy & rainy here and I love it. I really think I could live in the Northwest.

Have a wonderful day!


deborah said...

Oh, my goodness! I am loving all the Italian glassware. Glassware is one of my "things"!