Treats in a Petite Boit {Box}

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

 Boxes found here & here
{for those of you who asked, the wrapped almond cookie is an Italian treat & I found them
at Marshall's, however dear ones I will post website of where I think you can get them.}
**will post that after I get at least 7 hours of sleep. wink. wink. & blink.**
The Italian wrapped cookie treat is Amaretti Virginia 
and can be purchased through this distributor
{This shop calls them Amaretti Biscuits}


 Simply cut pretty paper and wrap around outside of box, use Japanese tape to 

Take a glassine bag scallop the edge and insert in box and then add some sweet treats.

***Those round wax seals, they are to inspire. Yes, you may stick them on the box.
Creativity knows no bounds. They now make wax for your glue gun, now that is dandy.
Here is a place for stick- on- wax seals & wax for your glue gun.

We love shredding scissors and use them for tissue paper.  Instant filler and fluffy-fluff.

Stamp a cute sticker and place on the lid. Secure lid with cute Japanese tape.

Simply cute.


the vintage wren said...

What a very cute treat. : ) Carrie

Jill Elaine said...

Very cute. I want some of those wax seals! How fun.