Creative Director

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{at Matt's parents Christmas 2011}
I think that title is who I am, not necessary in a business sense but what I do on a daily basis as a
I'm sometimes or always amazed at the end of the day that we actually  get some laundry done,  have food on the table & a somewhat clean house. Being able to juggle all the-going-ons requires lots of creativity.

Christmas was a tad crazy, oh, it was going pretty well the few weeks leading up to it.
Cards printed November 18th. check.
Homemade cinn-y buns done & delivered Dec 15th check.
Christmas shopping done Dec. 21st. check.
Stockings stuffed. check.
Craft project ready for Luke's class. check.
then it all
went DOWNHILL........weeeee!

December 21st Luke was coughing a lot so we kept him home from school. Proceeded to take him to walk-in hours & diagnosis was Pneumonia, so thankful I had  "a feeling" that it was more than a cold/cough. We allowed him to open a Christmas present early as he was pretty upset about not being able to attend his school Christmas party. We felt bad for him and no fun to be sick right before Christmas.

I headed into school to do craft project, lets say I was a sweaty mess after that. I was exhausted-- :) Matt had taken Vivian & Zach to the doctor while I was doing craft project with Luke's class, but without Luke :( Vivian diagnosed with an ear infecton, Zach ok {at that point}. The following week Zach diagnosed with Pneumonia.

Vivian was very fevereish and was up with her for 2 nights. {Are we the only parents that do not own a forehead thermometer?} Note to self : please get thee a forehead thermometer.

Meanwhile----before the sick-ys came on my computer DIED. I haul it down to the Mac Depot & to boot I had an unopended backup drive to be installed that we had bought last July..........................ummm, all was lost they can't recover any data. Uuugh, all our pics since 2008 gone just like that poof. Mad at myself  as I knew very well these things happen. I'm thankful some of the pics are on my husbands computer, the blog & some on Picassa. When I go pick the computer with her new hard-drive, $$$$$, you bet I will install that drive pronto. That is a sore subject, I will

There were some sweet moments in December:
Time spent with family, a blessing to have my husband home for two weeks.

I picked up a paint brush & did some painting.

Matt worked on our hearth, vintage ceiling tin molding installed!

While kids were napping December 23rd, I put my creative director act into high gear. When they woke up I had candles lit, a nature inspired tablescape & Christmas music playing!

I WON Annie Sloan's chalk paint! What a extra fun Christmas surprise. I have a project in mind for it. More on winning this chalk paint later. Once I get my computer back I can blog easier. I'm using an IPad right now & I'm still getting used to it:)

May your NEW YEAR be Glorious!


Jen Kershner said...

You must emotionally and physically exhausted. I feel like I am just from reading about it. I hope all of your littles are on the mend now! Also, lucky you winning some of that paint. I'm itching to get my hands on it!

deborah said...

Someday you will look back and read this and think "how in the world did I get through it all?" :)

I love layer cakes too! so yummy!

Make sure you get a second opinion on your computer...had that happen a couple years ago..first place said nothing could be saved..second place saved all my pics that weren't backed up!