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Thursday, December 8, 2011

 ........getting craft-y!  {you can click to enlarge any of the pictures}

H* O *M* E* M* A* D *E 
{made with things-on-hand by McMaster & Storm}

I'm in charge of the kindergarten class craft for the Christmas party and worked on idea number one. I suppose this is quite intricate, but it suits me and now I want to make 15 or so of them. Using  a medley of vintage animal graphics of course. It was crafted entirely of things I had on hand.  If I use this idea for Luke's class will keep it more simple, with 28 kids can't get to detailed :)

*quick overview not necessary in order just to give you an idea{s}*
{can be adjusted to whatever you have on hand}

1. Ruffled, natural coffee filters, cut into points with pinking scissors. I folded the coffee filter in half first, then cut the points. Another filter was cut into a smaller circle & layered behind music paper circle.
2. Velvet ribbon cut into a banner and glued at bottom of music paper.
3. Deer picture copied onto cardstock then cut into a circle
4. Brass bell sew onto the velvet ribbon.
5. Gold dresden "V" for Vivian. Now on a mission to find a lion for Luke & a zebra for Zach!
6. Silver glass glitter
7. Torn & crumpled Bible verse. {I tore it on a aluminum foil box's cutter to give a vintage look}
8. Deep pink ribbon and thin gold mettalic ribbon on the hook
9. Brown covered florist wire {love this, comes in green too} for the hook or loop. I shaped the wire hook to look pretty as you can see it. I found this at Joannes a while back {floral section} and glad I had it on hand. The texture is more fun than just a plain wire.
10. Vintage music paper
{On the back I just layered a circle of card stock {ends of wire hook staple to the front of back circle card stock} for more stability and finished it with a circle of music paper.
11. Japanese making tape in gold/white stripes, I couldn't resist adhering a piece to the deer picture.
12. Of course I used this must have tool to attach the wire loop.

Now, I do think I found the perfect tree.....if it's still there!!


While at my favorite digging place I found a song book and on the cover was this......swoon. I made copies and now need to get it on Etsy.



Curtains in My Tree said...

They look really good to me I always like coming over to see what you are up to


deborah said...

I am swooning over the songbook too! And your ornaments are darling! I wish I had a few creative bones in my body!