Farmhouse Style {in the kitchen}

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Faucet for indoors & outdoors.

French canning jars and they have a pretty font on them.
I want to organize my fridge with these. Easy for leftovers
& you can see what's in them.

This Farmhouse sink, installation is directly on the wall which I love.
{The drain board is a work of art!}

A commercial espresso machine.
{because our coffee maker is almost 15 years old!}
Our anniversary is coming up....we have one on our anniversary
gift "wish" list. {Cheers! Here's to another 15 years. I mean to "us" not
our old coffee maker! :)}

This heavy, quality made latte bowl is another practical thing I love.
Worth every penny & made in France.
Stack some up in your kitchen and they will be ready for your morning latte.
{Display worthy!}

*I love fresh whipped cream in my coffee. My mother made it and it's an easy way
to make your coffee/latte extra special.*
I found this particular recipe via Tracey at French Larkspur and it's a keeper!

 My favorite square pitcher, it's narrow so you can tuck it in tight spaces. 
This should be on every bride's registry!

Another simple pitcher I found.

This jam and the jar is good to have on hand! I reuse the jar leaving the
 pretty label on for a votive holder.
No preservatives & no high fructose corn syrup and once you taste it, will be on
your grocery list! Yum!
I use it sometimes with goat cheese & crackers. The combo of the goat cheese & sweet, it's sometimes my lunch!

{now time to organize and clean out cupboards, it's January in Ohio!}
Have a lovely week!


Jill Elaine said...

posts TWO days in a row!!! YOU GO GIRL!! Woohoo to you:)

Hatch Family said...

I love the mini Bonne Maman jams. They come in the tiniest gingham lidded jars and can be found on Amazon in packages of 15.