Monday, January 23, 2012

 Our bed after our ginger haired kidlet romped in it and mussed it up.
I had taken down everything off the walls when we painted in 2010.
Hmm, dear lady of the house when will you decorate this room?
{Headboard-less to boot! We happily got rid of our cherry sleigh bed, it was way
too big for the room.}

I've have been a fan of Elizabeth Allen Atelier bedding.
A vintage air about her collections, the pattern and color pairings are 
fantastic.  Feminine, but not over the top frilly. {She also has a bargain bin! Yardage is available.}

The headboard makes this ensemble snappy.

 I would add a punch of red to the above. 
Yes, I would. Somehow, somewhere!

I wonder if chocolate is tucked on the nightstand?

My absolute favorite remedy to Ohio's cold & dry winters. Love this!
C. Booth's original bath & body oil. You can snap this up at Rite-Aid, Kmart & other drug stores.
 C. Booth's costs around $6.00 & will become your winter staple.
I put it on in the shower and afterwards, it's the best stuff. Very lightweight.
Night-y - Night!


Miss B. said...

You have such great style I am sure whatever you choose it will be fantastic! BTW, I like it sparse, those floors are beautiful!

deborah said...

I like the ensemble that you said you would add a punch of red too! Beautiful, plus I love red. I don't know if I could give up a cherry sleigh bed. I have always loved sleigh beds!

May have to give the oil a try. I have some from Bath & Body that I like-just need to be smart enough to stick it in the shower so that I use it more often.

Bristol said...

My room is the same way. I actually have two screws in the wall with nothing attached~

Bristol said...

Ladies I tried to send you some convo and it would not let me. I have some questions about antique shows. Could you possibly email me your e-mail so I can forward you some questions??