Valentine's Day {Crafting & Industrial Things}

Friday, January 27, 2012

Yesterday my wee ones went to Grandma's house. I was able to get all of our shipments out, except for these stools which requires my savvy-shipper husband to package these. They are headed to Vermont.

I put all of my inspiration for Valentine's Day in this "cubby drawer". Crafting is on my list for the next few days. I want to share with you some fun & simple ideas. 

{The petite books are; Don'ts for Wives and Don'ts for Husbands, hilarious reads and even though they were written ages ago they are so relevant today!}

Little {big!} Zach turns 3 in a few days and I want to make this cake I found over at Camilla Style's blog. This recipe has me curious, too. It's almost lunch time in Ohio and I'm hungry!

 I will be updating the Etsy shop today in between taking care of Zach & Vivian. Matt brought the computer downstairs for me so I can keep a watchful eye on them. The metal holder & cubby divided drawer are going on Etsy.

 Cute pharmacy cabinet........headed to the shop.

This industrial holder is sweet & petite!

 I heart red foil hearts & all shapes of sizes hearts. {and that's a lot of hearts!} Made in the U.S.A and headed to our shop!

Set of 4 industrial stools going on Etsy. They will be available for pickup as well.

What is it about cute storage? Gets me every time :)

Planning to craft--I feel it! Valentine's Day is one of my favorites celebrations.

 {Vivi 17 months}

Hat {Vintage}
Dress {Darcy's daughter Mckell wore this c. 1997}
Sweater {Baby Gap, Goodwill}
Cream cable leggings {from Grandma} :)
Shoes {clearance rack, Gap I purchased these way before I had kids.}

Happy Friday and wishing you a sweet day.


Jill Elaine said...

Looks fun. Wish I felt like crafting. My craftiness fled with my inspiration to a warmer climate and left me behind:(

Anonymous said...

Sweet outfit Miss Vivi :)

Polly said...

what a cutie and such a darling outfit from head to toe! wish i had a little one to dress like that! love those stools too!

deborah said...

Love the hearts and love Vivi! So cute!