Love Story Continued.......

Friday, April 13, 2012

4/6/12 out & about.
A rare treat. Just us. Olive, an urban dive located in Dayton. Housed in the old Wympee Building. {they wash dishes by hand, no microwave or can openers. reservations are a must, teeny-tiny.}
It's oh, so good.  P.S. They serve Jeni's Ice cream.

I want to post more pictures and tell you more of the story of how we met. Not the grandest story out there, but it's our story. Our very own. Meant to be.

It's been a "wow" week. Not over the top, nothing exciting just family life & some sweet moments; i.e. Zach takes both hands and holds our faces to talk to us. Usually when he is sitting on our lap.

 I'm tired, as in too many late nights. Matt's busy this time of year and April has accelerated from 0-100mph in a blink of an eye. Potty training Zach and y'all understand the craziness! End of that subject. :)


Susan Baldwin said...

What a fun time for the two of you. The food looks scrumptious!