Sunday, April 22, 2012

I had an antiquated cell phone; as in it's the free one with the phone plan when your 20 months or so is up.  I've never had a smart phone, I didn't think I needed one.  As a matter of fact, all of my cell phones have always been very basic and that was fine.  However, lately I've been reading about how good the iphone 4s camera is; how you can run a business from it and all these apps that will make your life & business easier to manage. It's like a mini ipad with a phone!

Last Tuesday I had a phone conversation with a colleague and she exclaimed "maybe this is terrible to say, but I can't live without it"! She then proceeded to give me some reasons why. 

Yesterday we purchased one and I my husband haven't been this excited about a phone. It's amazing. Worth the price, yes. I love the camera.......these pictures here are from the iphone.

I have downloaded fun & useful apps and honestly it's like a mini computer in the palm of your hand.
{I sound silly as I'm most likely one of the few that didn't have one!}

I can accept credit cards if I decide to do shows--that is huge for me. 

This post feels silly to write, however, I do believe if you are a owner of an iphone I'm sure you understand. :)



JunqueMagnet said...

Right there with you. Got mine last July and it transformed my life. I haven't used a real camera in forever. The Square app meant I could finally take credit cards at shows and that made a huge difference. Simply addicted. Enjoy!!!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I have been thinking about an iphone ???? still thinking , my friend only uses her Iphone for everything
however she doesn't know how to print picture from it , like get reprints? any help