Monday: A Stitch in Time.......

Monday, July 13, 2009

& just in time for Country Living Fair 2009!
Since our theme will have a haberdashery flair to it we have found products that will perch just fine in our tent. French sewing products and beautiful the pins they are
like the old ones, with a ball at the end instead of the normal "loop" that way fabric doesn't get "caught"! These items will be available on our website after the show.

Another company we have found hails from one of our favorite places, Berkeley, California and has fun sewing bits. We have been on the look out for beautiful packaging and all of these products fit our aesthetic. We attended a show that opened a whole new world for us. We love thinking and finding things that are "out of our normal box", but fit the bill just the same!

Since sewing has come out of the woodwork and taken the country by a creative storm we give thanks to people like Amy Butler, French General and other fabric designers. We love this theme across our nation: the DIY projects & Etsy . It's giving this idea to people everywhere "I can do this"! Bravo! Yippee!
Here is a creative blog for today that we want to pass on.........A Field Journal

In Stitches,
Kara + Darcy


Jeanneoli said...

Can't wait to see what you girls come up with for the sad that I won't be selling this year...can you hear me howling laughing right now?!!!

Tara said...

Oh can't wait to see it all, love the ribbon!!

Kasey said...

i'm with Jeanne...i won't be there...
but i will be sure to visit.