Cosmetic Surgery

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ok, you thought we took the plunge! Well, after stepping foot into Sephora on Monday we realized none of those anti- this & that products would help Kara's 34- year -old issues. Cosmetic surgery is on the expensive side, so she went and picked up a slice of cheesecake and that solved her problems.

This dresser above does need some cosmetic surgery. Badly. New knobs, paint job, exfoliation, a tuck here and there with wood putty, you get the picture. Now for the famous question......What color?
A delicious cream
A Swedish grey
A yummy_________ {you fill in the blank.}

*this is going in our master bedroom..........walls are farrow and ball's pink ground, i cut the paint with glaze and joint compound. so it's a lot lighter.

*jill elaine offered to help me, really, help me? remember i think i have serious issues of indecisiveness {kara}, we might get it painted and will need to repaint as i like so many paint colors. i have a serious addiction to paint colors, i collect paint chips. i'm the lady that stands in front of the paint chip selection with my mouth hanging open. you would think i was picking out ice cream. paint colors are yumm-y!


Megan said...

A cheerful yellow would be adorable with sweet knobs from Anthropologie! Or a lovely dove gray with white trim and antique pulls!

andrea creates said...

Hi there- I stopped in your bricks and mortar store last year.It was a highlight of my trip to Ohio :)

Jill Elaine said...

where do you plan to put it? would the room you put it in need a neutral color or a pop of showy color??? I love greys(of course!) but a red would be fun if it went with the room. Even a watered-down red - you know - like a PINK!!
Whatever you decide will look wonderful I'm sure. Want some help with the actual work??:-)

Morgan said...

It's been 2 years and we STILL haven't decided on a shade of blue for Olivia and I's bathroom. And I find paint-chips every time I clean something out. They lie in our linen closet, craft drawers, night stands, folders that came with the paint chip collection. We understand. ;)

Jill Elaine said...

Oh yes, really help! Sounds like fun. We can put the kiddies in the pool and paint to our hearts content!!

alee said...

Hey Kara-
You said it was going in your master bedroom but you didn't say what colors that room was in???
Love the dresser! I am a distresser what ever color it ends up being I would have to sand the edges & etc... :)

cosmetic surgery said...

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