Curious Shops & Two Gals

Thursday, July 16, 2009

{Bon store sign, pic from Patch NYC}

We spotted these two gals in a booth in NYC and really didn't talk to them just noticed their smashing-ly cute business card and we knew their shop is on our list of places to go. Tuscon, Arizona is calling our name. We really haven't seen a lot of press {puzzling as it looks like magazine material} on this shop, another write up in this newspaper is spotted here.

{Interior of Bon, pic by A Fanciful Twist}

Vanessa, an artist writes a delightful article on this shop in her blog. This is the only place besides Patch NYC, that we spotted pics and a lovely write up of this shop. It's a mother/daughter team, who are highly creative judging by their work in the few pics we have found. Bonnie {mom} & daughter {Crystal} formed a partnership, Crystal hails from the well known Anthropologie in SoHo, as she did a stint there in the visual display department. Enough said this store is on our list of places to looks that good! It should with a name like Bon!

Another shop we have yet to see in the press is Fleur de lis {no website} in Modesto, California. Ruth or as some call her "Ruthie" is another high energy, very creative shop owner. She has owned this shop for over 20 years. She has moved the shop to her current location in the last 7 or 8 years. She has a devoted clientele, her events are always packed out and her visual displays will knock your socks off.

The store is detailed and tons of fresh plants are mixed in. {San Francisco flower market is 1.5 hrs away} Kara started shopping there after she got married and still to this day all her purchases made there are still with her, it's that great! We highly recommend if you are visiting the bay area to take a drive to the Central Valley and make a stop. Darcy & I always have her shop on our list when we visit........promise you won't be disappointed.

Lovely, fresh displays.
Check out the ribbon cupboard, tucked in the corner........she is known for her ribbon selection.

At a little over 1,000 square feet, she has never expanded. She is just amazingly good at making her shop crammed full like the ones in Europe. {She does go on buying trips to France, has been going there for a long time} Floor to ceiling, it's filled with treasures. Why is it that our favorite shops are small and have never swelled to thousands of square feet.....must be something to this, small is good!

Now on to shop girls at heart!

{Barbara at a farmer's market with her beautiful daughter, Arabella}

Barbara lives in Ohio & hails from California..........{she was a shop girl for Ruthie at Fleur de lis} Here is her lovely blog, Joyful Living.
She'll be helping us out at this year's Country Living Fair. She is a very talented gal, helping her mom, Doris behind the scenes with her Etsy shop, Dogwood Designs.
Here is a list of what inspires her:

What I love:
My Lord & Savior
My family & friends

What I enjoy:
Vintage linens, ribbons, paper
Mixing old, new, vintage & used together
Estate sales, flea markets, really any sales
Bringing nature indoors-flowers, branches, leaves....
Balancing the deor in our home to reflect a beautiful and cozy, but a real life home.

She also enjoys cooking, trying new recipes and using fresh ingredients.........

Barbara has two small children and is expecting another in December, she is a lovely mother and has a good eye for all things beautiful! We're blessed to know her as a customer & friend.

Amber lives in Indiana and is opening her own shop this fall........find more about her upcoming shop, Damask Designs here!

She is also helping us out at the fair this year! {should we tell these girls it's like boot camp, shhhh, we'll keep that under our hat}

Here is the oh-so-wonderful details on me & my little shop.....

I am a busy mama to two....
& I'm currently enchanted with vintage & French finds
Quaint little shops & little bits of everyday life
I love to daydream, design & created {with whatever I have}
Damask Designs is an accumulation of my interests
It is a little "occasional shop" {open certain times of the year} selling all things "vintage & vogue". Tucked in the shop will be antique letterpress stationary, vintage finds & little indulgences, to make you & your days more delightful.

Best wishes to you Amber as you start your journey as a shop owner.

Darcy & I have known Amber as a customer and just recently met her in person, what a delight. We can't wait to come to your shop.......

Thank you to both of these sweeties for putting up with us!!!

Kara + Darcy


Lionel Messi said...


Thank you

The subject of more than wonderful

Minister Grace said...

four beautiful ladies and four creative minds all under one tent at the country living fair...

that will be one fun weekend...

if i were another vendor i would be intimidated...

are you sure that you don't need my help? to trip over the vintage glassware, to overcharge customers, fray the french ribbons, and rip the delicate papers? :)

looks fun, ya'll!