Baby Package

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We found these lovely eco-friendly food boxes. They are not the typical tacky styrofoam, instead the box has a simple, cream-y texture. The texture resembles linen. These were purchased at a bulk food/paper store, we have Gordon Foods in our area. We purchased these for gifts and for some of our kits we sell. {these would also be a great idea for a picnic in a box party!}
We filled the box with our natural paper shred and then laid 3 pieces of tissue paper, that we pleated and left the ends stick out {on the sides} after we closed the box. We wrapped ribbon around the box in two places, the tissue ends then are kept in place with the ribbon.
Top it off with a petite bouquet of fleurs, a bag of hair ribbons and vintage style barrettes and a banner printed from your computer. Secure banner in place with a corsage pin.

Since it's summer take fresh fruits and sweet corn along with the gift for the parents to enjoy.

Special thoughts for others and time out of your busy day = lots of appreciation!

Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

looking good girlie...still out here in the wild west and dreading the loooonng drive HOME!
xoxo me

Anonymous said...

so you dont want to post my comment heh?!!!! see how you are picky picky picky! :) Darc

McMaster and Storm said...

hey, lady i'm on it! be patient i was out! that sounds so HS doesn't it? "out"
where are you? are you in KS, MO, or ILL.....have fun--- 800 miles ahead of you. no, not envious of you at all.

Jill Elaine said...

Now girls, lets not fuss! Haha! Isn't it great that you can still have fun together even miles apart?
Blessings to you both:-)