Left-handedness & {other very short notes}

Saturday, March 31, 2012

 Staples had these notepads for $2.00 each. Happy I bought them, I'm left-handed and the spine is at the top, so it doesn't get in the way.  This 5"x6" pad is the perfect size not too big and not so teeny-tiny. It has perforated sheets and the paper is ivory and is fine quality so the writing is smooth. I'm sold!
Made by Ampad, since 1888!
::::My favorite pen Pilot G-2 07 fine tip. I heart this pen! {does anyone else get excited about their favorite writing instrument?}

Sorting supplies and moving them to this cabinet. Cannot get over how great this feels....since closing the shop {2/2009} and having two babies in two years, I'm so happy to be purging, cleaning and sorting supplies in the office & attic. Finally.  It feels so good folks!
Making simple, no fuss necklaces for Vivian....had everything on hand. Wax twine and vintage components. Seriously easy......as that is all I had time for today! Saturdays are very interesting to me, different schedule from the rest of the weekdays and I never seem to get them quite right.  How about you?


andrea creates said...

great looking notepad-and yes, i love when i find a good writing pen.pilots are great :)

alee said...

cute! I am going to have to check into the notepads!:) I love paper & since I am continually making lists or jotting thoughts...
& I hear you on writing instrumetns!I lile "Pentel RSVP-fine tip"!:)Have a lovely day!

Jill Elaine said...

I like how you detailed that notebook :) My birthday's in May - you could detail one for me!! LOL!
I really need to come over! I want to see your cabinet in person!

Anonymous said...

I'm also left handed. I'm showing my age, when I has in HS we used the same kind of notebooks for shorthand. I always flipped the tablet so the metal rings were at the bottom. That worked out better for me.

I still wish I was able to visit your store before you closed. I loved the photos you posted back then. I certainly understand why you did though.

Cleaning out stuff does feel SO good!


Wool and Flax said...

Sharpie felt-tip..... Love love love :D
Those necklaces are darling!

Lauren B said...

Yes, yes, Hubby thinks I am crazy for caring what kind of pen I want to write with but when you've been a teacher and office manager... I tell him "It's like your hammer is for you." I love the Papermate Profile. The Pilot G2 is amazing and so smooth but I think the Papermate does better on all types of papers and is so smooth its nearly a dream!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the pens! i love a good pen and as soon as it hits the paper I know if I like it or not! Thanks for the post!

deborah said...

I totally agree about the pens! Some pens are just better than others. I'm not blessed with handwriting-that-is-always-beautiful, but the right kind of pen can make a huge difference, I've found!