Window Solution

Saturday, March 10, 2012

This picture verifies my thinking about having a window that is longer than sink base. The previous homeowners covered up part of our window as to save the original window. However, it is one of the things that drive my batty. From the sink up & wide as our window they put a contraption up to make a backsplash right in front of the window. {I'm serious, crazy as this seems!}

 The window also extends down behind the sink base. It's hard to clean the window or open it. {You should see me open it!} Plus, the natural light is taken away. It looks odd from the outside as you see this cherry wood piece coming up from the windowsill walking by. Lovely.

If we don't open the wall to the porch, I have been pondering a solution and this picture was the answer. It verified my idea of ripping out lower cabinets and installing an open underneath sink/countertop piece.

The photo above got my attention today while looking at Maria Killam's blog about color, etc. Her blog, Colour Me Happy, is amazing if you are building or remodeling. Maria talks about color undertones, tile, grout line widths & other important home issues.

Is my partially covered up window the only one out there?

Make these recipes in your kitchen this weekend:  Iced Tangerine Mint Green Tea  or Veggie Gyros on Homemade Pita with Feta. Yum!